Video: After 13 years, woman removes breast implants and is surprised by the state of the prostheses

American Bunnie DeFord had breast implants for 13 years. After having some health problems, she decided to have them removed in November 2020. The content creator released a video on her TikTok profile in which she shows the state of the implants. The information is from Universe.

“I had implants for 13 years, but I started experiencing so many symptoms that no doctor could identify. So I explanted it in November 2020. Look at this. This was inside a human body. No wonder women are having so many complications with these things. It’s disgusting,” Bunnie said in the video.

In the images, the American held the implants and showed that both had white and yellowish spots floating on the inside. It is worth mentioning that the prostheses must have a “transparent” appearance, as when they are implanted.

At the end of the video, Bunnie added: “Please make sure you speak to someone if you think your implants are causing illness.”

It is important to note that silicone breast implants have an expiration date and must be replaced. In addition, it is necessary to keep them under medical supervision.

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