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Thursday is the decision for Cruzeiro. Under the on-site look of Ronaldo Fenômeno, again in BH, Raposa will put to the test its good moment and performance as home team in 2022.

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In the return game of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil, Cruzeiro needs to win over Remo, at 19:30 (Brasília time), at Independência. For having lost in the first leg by 2 to 1, they will pass the stage, in normal time, if they win by more than one goal difference. A win by a goal difference takes the decision to penalties.

Players celebrate with Cruzeiro fans in their last Serie B victory — Photo: Staff Images

In the match, Cruzeiro tests its good moment as home team. It comes from five consecutive victories (over Pouso Alegre, Athletic, Brusque, Londrina and Grêmio) and, added to three more games (draw with Villa Nova-MG and victories over Democrata GV and Uberlândia), eight unbeaten games at home.

The last – and only defeat in the year – was to América-MG, by 2 to 0, still in the beginning of the Campeonato Mineiro. The team has an 83.3% success rate as home team, winning 25 of the 30 points played at home.

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The classification in the Copa do Brasil, in addition to the sporting conquest (reaching the fourth stage), is also extremely important for Cruzeiro, in financial terms. And the fans for the win will be in loco of the football manager, Ronaldo Fenômeno.

He is expected to be at Independência, this Thursday, to follow the match. He arrives on the eve of the game against Remo, after spending the last few weeks in Spain accompanying Real Valladolid, his other club.

Ronaldo Phenomenon in a match for Cruzeiro — Photo: Fernando Moreno/ AGIF

Ronaldo aims to earn another R$ 3 million, prize for those who reach the fourth stage of the Copa do Brasil. The value exceeds the monthly sheet of celestial football. So far, the team has pocketed R$ 4.67 million for having passed through Sergipe and Tuntum-MA in the first two phases.

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