6 things smart people are ashamed to do; the 3rd surprise

Those who are intelligent end up acquiring a vast body of knowledge and experiences throughout their lives. In addition, the high capacity for reasoning and analysis allows their attitudes to be more positive. So check out a list of 6 things smart people always avoid.

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6 things smart people don’t usually do

There are some habits and attitudes that are really harmful to any individual in society. Smart people catch this kind of trap quickly and get rid of it. However, the human being is flawed and can hesitate in some situations. Know 6 habits that those who are smart will always try to avoid.

1- Feeding hate

Anger, rancor and hatred are negative feelings that all people feel. The problem lies in not getting rid of them, as nothing good can or will come from such anger. Do not accumulate grudges and know how to forgive. Let the disagreements be resolved and take that burden off your shoulders.

2- Maintain toxic relationships

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. This maxim really holds true in the best style of “tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who it is”. Smart people know that negative and toxic friendships will only work to arouse the worst feelings and will within you.

3- Provide help

Those who are intelligent know that in life it is important to count on help and collaboration. Therefore, these individuals do not usually deny help when it is offered.

4- Criticize without limits

It may seem like a banal tip, but the truth is that those who are really smart don’t tend to criticize everything, all the time. Of course there are constructive criticisms, but just complaining about how things are has never changed or will change anything.

People who have good reasoning value practical and effective actions. The thought goes something like this: “if it’s not good, change it”.

5- Generate false expectations in other people

Is there anything more boring than those people who promise and never deliver what they say? We can’t always guarantee our word, but it should be sporadic. Generating false expectations can be a tactic to evade responsibilities, but eventually it will harm those who do so. Smart people realize the pitfalls of the process pretty quickly.

6- Those who are smart know they are not perfect

Perfection is not about intelligence. Even if you love that everything turns out millimetrically faithful to what was planned, life always guarantees a little improvisation. In some moments, the unexpected result manages to be even more beautiful and “perfect” than the one that was idealized in the beginning.

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