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Last Friday (3), Hashdex, a crypto asset manager, launched the metaverse index fund, META11, on the Brazilian Stock Exchange. With the launch of this new application, B3 reaches its eleventh ETF linked to the cryptocurrency market.

The recent ETF is referenced by the index “CF Digital Culture Composite Index – Modified Market Cap Weight – BRT“, which seeks to reflect the performance of tokens native to the digital culture ecosystem, encompassing metaverse, gaming, entertainment and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

According to Hashdex, META 11 is an ETF with diversified exposure to blockchain and metaverse digital entertainment branches. In this way, it is possible to invest in this new universe in a simple, safe, and regulated way.

META11 is managed by Banco Genial and has a total management fee of 1.3%, with 0.3% for META11 and 1% for the Hashdex Crypto Metaverse ETF.

To ensure the greatest possible security, the invested assets are held by institutional custodians in digital wallets without an internet connection. The intention is that hacker attacks are avoided. It is worth remembering that the assets are insured against loss and theft.

The new Metaverso-related fund is aimed at all investors who are aware of the risks inherent in the investment and seek returns that match the ETF’s objective.

In addition, if the application is carried out by a non-resident investor, he will need to assess the suitability of acquiring the fund’s shares under the legislation of his jurisdiction.

The Metaverse is still not well known by the general public, despite the attention and discussions that can be found in the virtual space, such as social networks, online communities, chat room and others. The promise of the new universe is to bring together the real and virtual worlds.

It is worth remembering that the term Metaverse became popular after Facebook, in 2021, announced its goal of transforming itself into a “Metaverse company” in approximately five years.

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Image: Tumisu /

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