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As of this Wednesday (8), all telemarketing companies must adopt the 0303 prefix for calls. This is the maximum period for the implementation of the rule of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) for fixed telephony networks.

The change went into effect in March of this year, valid only for calls originating from cell phone numbers.

The prefix is ​​from exclusive and mandatory use for active telemarketing activities, the practice of offering products or services through phone calls or messages. Companies requesting donations or charging companies were considered exceptions and will not need to use the code.

Furthermore, consumers can ask operators to block calls. According to Anatel, operators should carry out the preventive block if the consumer asks for it.

But the agency points out that beware of scams. “Many of these calls are the subject of fraud, use telecommunications numbers that were not assigned by Anatel and circumvent the public numbering system defined by the Agency, a practice known as spoofing”, he warns.

According to the agency, the number of calls made with these unassigned numbers increased sixfold in 2022.

When receiving a telemarketing call that does not start with 0303, Anatel advises the consumer to contact the operator to report the number.

Last Friday (3), the agency also announced that it will block companies that use automatic robots to make more than 100,000 abusive telemarketing calls per day, robocals.

Calls that are not completed when the consumer answers the cell phone or that are automatically disconnected within three seconds will be considered abusive calls.

The measure will be valid for three months. According to the agency, this type of mass shooting of calls overloads telecommunication networks without effectively promoting communication between people and companies.

facilitate identification

The identifier was approved by Anatel at the end of last year, through Act No. 10,413. The purpose of standardization, says the agency, is to facilitate the identification of active telemarketing calls.

Code 0303 will be of exclusive and mandatory use for active telemarketing activities, and fixed and mobile operators must allow this number to be clearly identified on the user’s device display. Operators will also be responsible for curbing the use of the code outside the rules established by the agency.

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