Edenilson changes name on the network to “monkey” and manifests after report: “Unfair and inconclusive fight” | International

Inter’s midfielder Edenilson took to social media to comment on the lip-reading report from the General Institute of Forensics (IGP) of Rio Grande do Sul, which did not identify racial slurs by Corinthians side Rafael Ramos.

in the “stories” from Instagram, Edenilson published a photo with a raised fist and a message: “Wouldn’t they shut us up? They’ve already shut us up. If offended accept it, swallow it dry. player.

The athlete also changed his name in the “biography” of the social network to “Monkey Edenilson Andrade dos Santos” and deleted all posts on your profile.

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Edenilson post Instagram racism — Photo: Reproduction

The official expertise, in a 40-page document, was sent this Wednesday by the IGP to the 2nd Police Station of Porto Alegre, and concludes that “it is inappropriate to affirm what was said by the player in the questioned scene”, as an excerpt says. text.

The delegate responsible for the case, Ana Luiza Caruso, said that, at first, there will be no indictment, but will refer the case to the Public Ministry (MP), which will decide whether to proceed with the case in court or not.

In recent weeks, the case continued in the sports sphere. Edenilson and Rafael Ramos gave statements at the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) and maintained the versions presented above.

Edenilson Inter Instagram — Photo: Reproduction

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