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It is not new that the animals caught in the Capital enchant the residents, but this time it was the head of the state executive, Governor Reinaldo Azambuja (PSDB) who was taken by surprise.

Through his Instagram, the governor posted a video of a huge tapir, at the reception facilities at Parque do Prosa, at Cras (Wild Animals Rehabilitation Center), in Campo Grande.

“Our friend took advantage of the Environment Week to parade all faceira through the facilities of Receptivo in Parque do Prosa”, commented the governor. The video shows the huge animal parading all calmly through the receptive, without giving morals to the camera.

“This diversity needs to be protected by all of us, so that the generations to come can appreciate these wild animals up close”, added Reinaldo. Posted about three hours ago, the video already has 14,100 views and 686 likes. But this is not the first time that the tapir “bombs” on the governor’s Insta.

Another video with more than 27,000 views, posted two weeks ago, shows the mother tapir swimming in the receptive lake with her calf. The reception facilities are located in the “heart” of Parque dos Poderes, a region where it is common to find animals such as tapirs, capybaras, birds and even boa constrictors.

The Prosa State Park is an integral protection state conservation unit, initially created as an Ecological Reserve of Parque dos Poderes in 1981. In 2002, it was elevated to Prosa State Park. The site has 135.2 hectares.

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