Gabriel Medina shines in the water and enjoys life with rivals on his return to CT

Gabriel Medina returned to the World Surfing Tour with third place in the G-Land stage in Indonesia. The three-time world champion received praise for the surf he presented after months away from competitions and, without the company of his ex-wife Yasmin Brunet, he enjoyed life with his friends, who are also his opponents.

Medina had the highest sum of the championship in a heat —17.27 points in the quarterfinals against Jadson André. He stopped in the semifinals when he was defeated by Australian Jack Robinson, who took the stage title after beating Filipe Toledo in the final.

Even without the event’s trophy, Medina gained morale from Italo Ferreira. The 2019 world champion and Olympic champion tweeted, “Gabriel was the best in the championship!”

On days when there were no disputes on the stage because of the sea conditions, the São Paulo rider enjoyed his free time alongside other Brazilian surfers, including Italo and Filipinho.

Medina and Filipe were photographed in the review, drinking beer together. Italo posted a photo of himself drinking açaí with Medina and joked that the three-time champion was his “date” of the day.

To finish his trip to Indonesia, Medina participated in a barbecue with other Brazilians, among them his longtime friend Miguel Pupo, who also competes on the Circuit.

The three-time champion now leaves for El Salvador, where the next stage of the World Cup takes place, from June 12 to 20.

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