In the US, Boric attracts businessmen and charges Bolsonaro – 06/08/2022 – World

In the US to attend the Summit of the Americas, Gabriel Boric, the president of Chile who took office in March, has been one of the most sought-after leaders for meetings with businessmen, who want to hear how he intends to combine the search for foreign investment with the fight against inequality. Social.

In a speech this Wednesday (9), at a parallel event to the summit, Boric defended international partnerships to accelerate Chile’s economic development, without this implying precarious work or disrespect for the environment. “We want a development where no one is left behind, because fractured societies have a much harder time achieving sustainable growth,” he said.

The Chilean leader also defended fiscal responsibility and once again said that the issue should not be just a right-wing banner. “The left needs to embrace it, as it guarantees that the lives of our people will improve,” he said, for whom social inequality is “morally unfair.”

Earlier, upon arrival in Los Angeles, Boric demanded that the Brazilian government approve his nomination for the Chilean embassy in Brazil. To Chilean media, he said he expected the “response from the Brazilian Foreign Ministry” and once again admitted to having “differences in principles with the president [Jair] Bolsonaro” — the Chilean leader has already given favorable statements to Lula, who will run in this year’s election with Bolsonaro.

“But I respect the sovereignty of the Brazilian people and, as head of state, if we have the chance to talk, I will have no hesitation in doing so,” said Boris, who appointed Sebástian Depolo to head his country’s diplomatic representation in Brazil. The Brazilian government did not say whether Bolsonaro will have other bilateral meetings during the summit in addition to the meeting with US President Joe Biden. The Brazilian leader should arrive in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (9) and meet with the Democrat in the afternoon.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, some South American authorities met with businessmen in the city that hosts the leaders’ meeting. Dinners and conversations with Boric were highly sought after, higher than meetings with other presidents, such as Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador) and Pedro Castillo (Peru). Before traveling to Los Angeles, Boric was received in Canada by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he signed a memorandum for a partnership to promote gender equality.

Biden will deliver the opening speech at the summit at 5 pm (9 pm in Brasília). In his speech, the American president will announce an American Partnership for Economic Prosperity, a strategy divided into five points: reinvigorating regional economic institutions, especially the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), increasing the resilience of supply chains, improving public services, job creation with transition to green energies and expansion of regional foreign trade.

This Wednesday, the US government also announced the creation of a Health Corps of the Americas, which will train 500,000 professionals from the continent, at a cost of US$ 100 million. Part of the amount will be funded by the USA, which will also offer training at institutions in the country.

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