Netflix Action Movies to Watch After Interceptor

The Australian film Interceptor has become a huge hit in the Netflix catalogue. Although it divided the opinion of specialized critics, the film won fans around the world and secured prominent positions in the Top 10 in several countries – including Brazil. Anyone who has already checked out the plot wants to know: what to watch next on the platform?

Interceptor stars Elsa Pataky (Fast & Furious) as protagonist JJ Collins. Luke Bracey (Date In Love) is the villain Alexander Kessel. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) makes a small cameo in the film, and also serves as an executive producer.

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“As the last survivor at a missile intercept station, an army lieutenant must fight a terrorist plot that threatens the U.S. alone,” reads the official synopsis for Interceptor on Netflix.

We’ve listed below 7 Netflix action movies that Interceptor fans need to watch; check out.


Nothing better than starting the list with an action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, the executive producer of Interceptor. Known around the world for playing Thor in the MCU films, the actor gives a show as the protagonist Tyler Rake in the plot of Rescue.

Rescue follows the story of mercenary Tyler Rake. The protagonist is tasked with rescuing the son of an organized crime boss and transporting him safely through the dangerous streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the midst of the journey, the special agent forms a great connection with the boy.


Close is a hit on Netflix with a plot that balances action and adventure in equal measure. The film focuses on the story of Sam, a professional bodyguard who does everything to protect a millionaire heiress who comes into the crosshairs of a group of hired assassins.

In addition to protecting Zoe, Sam teaches the young woman how to fight and get even in kind. One of Close’s greatest strengths is its all-star cast, made up of Noomi Rapace (Millennium Franchise), Sophie Nélisse (The Book Stealer), Indira Varma (Game of Thrones) and Mimi Keene (Sex Education).

Multiple Killers

Marked by intense action sequences, Multiple Killers is a story of justice and revenge. Originally released in 2017, the thriller is a project by filmmaker Isaac Florentine, famous for films such as Ninja and À Queima-Roupa. But beware: Multiple Killers is a really violent movie.

The plot of Multiple Killers begins when attorney Frank Valera is devastated by the brutal murder of his wife and daughter. Driven by a desire for revenge, Frank takes a vow of silence and embarks on an electrifying journey in search of those responsible for the crime. The film stars Antonio Banderas (The Legend of Zorro).


If you enjoy action movies full of blood and violence, Polar is the perfect option to watch after Interceptor. Based on a comic book by Victor Santos, the feature arrived on Netflix in 2019. Mixing action elements with neo-noir aspects, Polar is a production by filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund.

Polar tells the story of Duncan Vizla, a professional assassin about to retire. Contemplating a quiet and peaceful life, Duncan is forced to face one last challenge: the betrayal of his former boss, who hires a group of young killers to eliminate him. With Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange) in the lead role, Polar has Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) and Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) in the cast.

211: The Great Heist

The premise of 211: The Great Heist is simple enough: on the brink of retirement, a veteran police officer finds himself in the crosshairs of former special agents during a violent bank robbery. In this complicated scenario, protagonist Mike Chandler does everything he can to protect his partner and an innocent young woman.

Produced by York Shackleton (Kush), 211: The Great Heist has Nicolas Cage (Real Estate) as the protagonist. The cast of the feature also includes Dwayne Cameron (Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive), Sophie Skelton (Outlander) and Alexandra Dimu (The Serpent’s Gift).

Proud Mary: The Professional

In Interceptor, Elsa Pataky rocks as the protagonist JJ Collins. If you like action movies with women in the main roles, Proud Mary: The Pro is a great suggestion. Released in 2018 and directed by Babak Najafi (Invasion in London), Proud Mary is a great tribute to the films of blaxploitation of the 70’s and 80’s.

In Proud Mary’s plot, Taraji P. Henson (Stars Beyond Time) plays Mary Goodwin, a hired assassin who puts her own life on the line and begins a battle against organized crime to protect a child. Danny Glover (The Color Purple) and Xander Berkeley (The Walking Dead) round out the cast.

Hostage of the Game

Hostage of the Game stars Dave Bautista (the Drax from the Marvel movies) as Michael Knox, an ex-Marine who uses all his elite training to face a dangerous terrorist group. When criminals take control of a football stadium, Knox does everything he can to save his niece Danni and the other fans.

Directed by Scott Mann (Bus Hijacking 657), Hostage of the Game receives high praise for its action sequences and the atmosphere of tension and mystery. In addition to Dave Bautista, the cast of Hostage to the Game includes Pierce Brosnan (007) as Dimitri Belav and Lara Peake (The English Game) as Danni.

Interceptor is still available on Netflix.

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