New MacBooks Air and Pro with M2 chips sold in Brazil are the most expensive in the world

THE apple presented yesterday, Monday (6), during the WWDC 2022the company’s annual developer conference, the new MacBooks Air and Pro. As expected, Brazilians interested in the devices need to open their pockets well.

According to a survey released by the website Nukeni, which usually gathers the prices of new Apple products in all Apple Stores Online, Brazil is the country in the world where MacBooks Air and Pro with M2 chips are more expensive.

It is worth noting that after the opening presentation of the WWDC, Apple readjusted down the prices of Macs in Brazil to accompany the fall of the dollar and some tax reductions implemented by the Ministry of Economy.

However, the decrease in values ​​did not remove Brazil from being the most expensive place in the world to buy a MacBook Air and Pro with the new M2 processorsas Nukeni’s Japanese developer Jun Saito has shown.

In the comparison, the prices of the entry models of the new MacBook Air and Pro were taken in each country, with their respective local currencies, and these values were converted to dollars and placed side by side.

In this way, it was possible to observe that the MacBook Air sold in Brazil costs more than twice the price in the United States. The Pro version of the Apple notebook sold here costs almost three times more than in Hong Kong.

It is also worth mentioning that the price charged in the US depends on the place where the purchase is made, given that each state charges a different fee, which is added at the time of purchase. In Oregon, for example, this amount is not charged.

MacBook Air with 256GB SSD

Check prices below in some countries Converted to Real:

  • United States: BRL 5,739.25
  • Hong Kong: BRL 5,795.61
  • Canada: BRL 5,980.59
  • Australia: BRL 6,537.49
  • United Kingdom: BRL 7,488.18
  • France: BRL 7,671.79
  • Spain: BRL 7,774.15
  • Portugal: BRL 7,825.33
  • Sweden: BRL 8,058.93
  • Norway: BRL 8,118.55
  • Brazil: BRL 13,299.00

13″ MacBook Pro with 256GB SSD

Check prices below in some countries Converted to Real:

  • Hong Kong: BRL 6,100.67
  • United States: BRL 6,217.92
  • Canada: BRL 6,786.86
  • Australia: BRL 6,881.75
  • United Kingdom: BRL 8,087.72
  • France: BRL 8,183.59
  • Spain: BRL 8,285.94
  • Portugal: BRL 8,337.12
  • Sweden: BRL 8,547.50
  • Norway: BRL 8,626.28
  • Brazil: BRL 14,499.00

What do you think about the prices of the new Macbooks in Brazil? Tell us below in the comments!

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