Official forensics of RS does not identify what was said

The General Institute of Forensics delivered today (8) to the Civil Police of RS the report ordered due to the accusation of racial slur by Edenilson to Rafael Ramos, during the game between Inter and Corinthians, on May 14, in Beira-Rio, for the Brazilian Championship. The document mentions that it is impossible to comply with the request.

According to the Police, four videos were sent for analysis. The file with the highest resolution was selected and, even so, underwent treatments to improve the image. From the video, 41 frames were extracted.

According to the experts, however, it was not possible to identify the words that would have been said by the Corinthians player. The report states that, from the images, it was not possible to see the movement of the Corinthians player’s tongue – something that could help in the conclusion of the study. In addition, there are no sound elements to deepen the research. Furthermore, the lip-reading feature was discarded as it had no legal validity.

“On the request for an expert examination of lip reading, it should be noted that no scientific methodology was found, applied to the forensic analysis of videos, to support this type of work. There are only publications on visual speech perception and lip reading learning”, wrote.

Edenilson accuses Rafael Ramos of a racist offense using the term “monkey”. Rafael argues that the Inter player would have misunderstood his words.

The Portuguese player has already presented reports of private expertise to the STJD, reinforcing his version. Last Monday, Edenilson testified and reinforced his version of events.

The IGP’s opinion was a request from the police to pursue the issue in the criminal sphere.

The expert report has 40 pages and was signed by two criminal experts from the Audio and Images Section of the Criminalistics Department of the IGP.

remember the case

Internacional and Corinthians played on the 14th, in Porto Alegre. On the field, midfielder Edenilson, from the home team, accused the referee Braulio da Silva Machado of a racial slur on the part of Rafael Ramos. The protest was recorded in a summary, a document that served as the basis for the arrest of the Portuguese player, even before the Inter player filed a complaint.

In the summary, Braulio described what he heard from the players: “At the 31st minute of the second half, when the match was at a standstill, I was informed [por Edenilson] that your opponent [Rafael Ramos], had uttered the following words to him: ‘Fuck you, Monkey’. At this point, I stop the game and call the players involved to report what had happened. Rafael Ramos claims that there was a misunderstanding due to his (Portuguese) accent and says he uttered the following words: ‘Fuck you, fuck’.”

On Instagram, Edenilson said that he “knows what he heard” and that “it was the first time this happened” to him. “It bothers me that I’m getting attention other than playing football: being called names for my skin tone,” he said. “I looked for the athlete to have him come out and apologize, after all, we all make mistakes and we have the right to admit it, but he continued to say that I had understood it wrong. I didn’t understand it wrong.”

The player spoke again about the case after the match against Independiente Medellín, when he scored two goals and celebrated with an anti-racist gesture. According to him, he was judged by many people for making the complaint.

Rafael Ramos, who had bail paid during the night of the match in Beira-Rio, said that the complaint made by Edenilson would have been “purely a misunderstanding”. “I’m here with a clear conscience and a clear head to explain what happens. At the end of the game I went to have a conversation with him, we had a quiet conversation. I explained what had happened, he explained what he had understood. I explained the truth. He showed fear pretending to be a liar, and I explained to him that he’s not a liar, that he just got it wrong. We shook hands, and I wish him good luck,” he said.

The investigation of the accusation of racial slur is being conducted by the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul, which earlier this week asked for images of the moment when Rafael Ramos would have committed the crime against Edenilson.

On May 18, the Senate Plenary approved a bill (PL 4.566/2021) that increases penalties for the crime of racial slur in sporting events. Currently, the Penal Code stipulates the penalty of one to three years of detention. The text calls for an increase in the period to two to five years. The PL was directed to the Chamber of Deputies.

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