Rooster ‘Cláudio’ causes woman to be fined R$ 1,200; understand the controversy

A resident of Jesús María, Peru, has been fighting a dispute with the city council: she claims to have been fined for keeping a rooster as a pet — and bothering her neighbors with the noise. Naomi Sotillo has owned the rooster Cláudio since she rescued him from a dump just over a year ago, according to the Peruvian newspaper La República.

Naomi continues to struggle to keep the animal, as the city government decided to fine her 920 soles (approximately R$1,200 at the current rate), as the rooster’s crow bothers some people. The representative of the municipality stated that no fine was imposed on the student, but she presented the document confirming that payment was necessary.

The case moved the small town of 75,000 inhabitants and outraged part of the population, since, according to them, the city hall should focus on other more relevant aspects that affect the lives of the people who live there. In addition, the rooster has already proven to be domesticated and well taken care of.

Naomi said the city never spoke to her about it and that they just told her to pay the outstanding fine, with a discount if payment is made soon.

José Zevallos, owner of a veterinary clinic, supports demonstrations in front of the city hall. “Through several animal protection associations and several veterinarians, we are calling a demonstration in the coming days in the face of these abusive behaviors against small animals and neighbors. There are much more important things than imposing a sanction on a young student”.

In addition to calling for a demonstration, the animal will receive free medical treatment for six months at the Zevallos clinic.

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