Take the leap! Samsung’s Neo QLED Smart TV May Have Cheated on HDR Tests

FlatPanelsHD claims that the TV adjusts its image when it notices an HDR test running so that it only uses 9% of the screen size instead of 10%, which is the default for this type of benchmark. With this, the results show that the TV has a greater accuracy than what is observed in reality.

The problem was identified by using a more accurate measurement technique, which allows circumventing this type of cheating.

In addition to reducing the screen area during the benchmarks, the TV also increased the brightness level during the tests from 1,300 to 2,300 nits, a brightness level that cannot be maintained by the panel as it can damage the miniLED backlight if it is used for long periods. So the system exceeds the normal level just for a moment to handle the numbers.

In response, Samsung did not acknowledge that its system aims to cheat benchmarks, but promised a software update by the following note:

To provide a more dynamic viewing experience for consumers, Samsung will provide a software update that ensures consistent brightness of HDR content across a wider range of window sizes beyond the industry standard.

It is possible to notice that Samsung only mentions that the update aims to offer a more consistent brightness level, so we will only know if the new version will continue to manipulate benchmarks after new tests. Until then, stay tuned to TudoCelular.com to learn more about smart TVs and electronics in general.

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