Telegram Premium: Paid Version Has Leaked Price and Features

Last year, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced that the company was developing a paid version of the app of messages, however, no amount was disclosed at the time. This Tuesday (7), a leak has emerged indicating the features that will be available in the new version and the launch price.

Telegram Premium must be released by $4.99 (about R$24.30 at the current price) and will offer several extra features, special privileges and even exclusive emojis. For example, the increase in upload limit to 4GB, Unlimited download/upload speedup to 20 collaborative folders created for groups and channels, ability to join up to 1000 channels and fixation limit of up to 10 chats. The same features are available to users of the free version, but they are more limited.

Screenshot of the premium version registration page.Screenshot of the premium version registration page.Source: Telegram/Xiaomiui/Reproduction

One of the best features of the paid version is the voice to text conversion, that is, the voice messages sent can be transcribed. So, if you don’t want to listen to a very long audio, you can “read the voice message”.

What’s New in Telegram Premium

Users can also write biographies of up to 140 characters, as opposed to the 70 characters normally offered — the premium version will not display advertisements. There will even be a resource for advanced chat management to configure the default folder, automatically hide new chats from unsaved contacts, among other possibilities.

Telegram Premium consumers will be identified with a badge on their profile and they can use animated avatars. Different icons will also be offered to display the application on the smartphone’s home screen.

According to the leak, it will also be possible to add up to four accounts in the same app, in addition to increasing the limit to up to 400 GIFs, 10 favorite stickers and 20 public links for channels and groups. Not to mention the addition of more symbols in the captions of photos and videos, making it possible to create longer descriptions.

So far, Telegram has not confirmed any of the information released by the leak. Fortunately, it looks like the release of the premium version should happen soon.

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