The account of the Court of Auditors – 06/07/2022 – Elio Gaspari

Reporter Tácio Lorran is due to the revelation that some ministers of the Federal Audit Court cost more with travel and per diem than with the salaries that remunerate their work. Bruno Dantas, for example, earns R$37,300 gross and cost R$43,517 between February 25 and March 14, traveling to Poland, Saudi Arabia, Austria and France.

He is not the only one, nor is the TCU alone in these prebends. Instructional trips, as well as short-term seminars, usually coinciding with national holidays, have even earned the nickname “farofas”.

The TCU is in charge of monitoring Widow’s expenditures with money. Soon he gets into first class tourism and explains himself with second class arguments: “Preparations for Brazilian management require constant contact with institutions from other countries and, naturally, this requires the displacement of House authorities for work meetings and commitments of a scientific nature”.

Tell another. The Brazilian TCU has nothing to learn in Saudi Arabia or Poland. The work of French and Austrian institutions can be followed without the need to travel.

Minister Vital do Rêgo cost R$92,700 between February and May (R$53,800 in airfare), including to go to the Carosal Congress. The acronym stands for Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions.

Whoever is able to say what the Caribbean institutions have to teach, hosting millionaires and tax havens, wins a weekend in an illegal stamp. The Congress took place in Aruba, the top-floor summer gem. Haiti is in the Caribbean, but nobody goes there.

In the last five months, Minister Bruno Dantas has been to eight countries. Admittedly, there was something to do in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. That leaves India and Egypt, capitals that are almost always reached via Paris.

It is common for wealthy professionals to use congresses and seminars in pleasant places to hang holidays. As they do this tourism with their resources, apart from the Federal Revenue, nobody has anything to do with it. The case of hierarchs is different, as they use public money, miss work and, in some cases, are accompanied by advisors.

The Federal Audit Court provides invaluable services. He was the one who killed the madness of Trem Bala and who uncapped the pan of the prosecutors’ diaries in Operation Lava Jato. One of them received R$ 506 thousand in daily rates and R$ 186 thousand in tickets. The payments were improper, but the doctors could always say they were working in Curitiba.

On the other hand, TCU hierarchs, as well as magistrates who resort to the same expedient, will rarely be able to use the same argument. (Leave aside the fact that some seminars pay lectures, as this is another chapter in the volume of pampering offered to various professional activities.)

Let the TCU be independent and call itself a court without being part of the Judiciary. Let its members call themselves ministers. But at least it shouldn’t produce bills that offend taxpayers’ common sense.

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