the cool new way to take on gray hairs

Trend among Hollywood women, herringbone highlights (fishbone locks, in literal translation) are ideal for those who want to take on gray hair, but gradually. The new hair style combines naturally gray strands with highlights dyed in warm tones and, among the fans, there are Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

An ode to naturalness, the fad reinforces the adoration of white hair that emerged in the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, a period of strict social isolation and few visits to the beauty salon. “Since the pandemic, it’s been wonderfully more acceptable to sport gray hairs. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston are paving the way for all women to incorporate gray hair into their conventional shades.” hairstylist Tom Smith, in an interview with North American Glamor.


On the contrary trends similar, this one aims to highlight the white wires, and not mask them among the others. “The style celebrates gray hair by including it prominently in a custom color design,” he reiterated.

to join the herringbone highlightsaccording to beauty artist, just ask a trusted hairdresser to highlight your uneven gray strands. “Grey hair tends to come in sporadically and sparsely — some even cluster in locks, so work with that rather than fighting it,” Smith suggested.

Gray hair care

White hairs require special care, according to the hairstylist Pamela Soares. “They tend to be more rigid and porous, having difficulty retaining and absorbing water and nutrients. Therefore, it is important to adopt a hair nutrition and reconstruction routine to bring more shine and softness”, explains the specialist, in front of the Royal Studio, in Rio de Janeiro, when metropolises.

It is still important to include check list care with a good neutralizing shampoo, responsible for preventing the yellowish tone from taking care of the hair. According to trichologist Larissa Fontaine, the recommendation is to clean the hair with the product once a week.

Apply thermal protector before using dryer, babyliss or flat iron and avoiding sun exposure complete the list of recommendations. “Gas showers can also change the color of gray hair, because of the metals they release into the water”, concludes Pamela, with a final warning.

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