Amber Heard, Mera’s New Screentime Released

different than it was reported last weekthe actress Amber Heard apparently did not have their scenes cut from Aquaman 2. In a new test session of the film, it was revealed that heroin mere had an increase in screen time compared to the first shows of the sequel.


According to the insider @BlackMajikMan90, Amber’s screen time in the new test view Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom is almost 20 minutes. Before, in the first tests, the actress had only 10 minutes of screen. That is, her participation in the long has increased.

The rumor that Amber Heard would be cut from the sequel Aquaman came after the actress was convicted last week in the trial against her ex-husband, the star Johnny Depp.

Although the two actors were convicted of defamation, Amber came out as the big loser in the legal battle with Depp, because, in addition to having to pay a much larger compensation to her ex, than she will pay her, the actress’s allegations about have suffered domestic violence in the 2018 newspaper article The Washington Post were considered false.

And it was because of these reports that Depp was fired by the Warner Bros. of the franchise fantastic beasts and had his career pretty shaken.

In case Amber’s screen time in Aquaman 2 has actually increased, the WB may not have taken into account the legal battle between the actress and the eternal Jack Sparrow.

However, Amber Heard herself reported in court that she had her role in the new water hero film reduced several times. She believes it has something to do with the Johnny Depp case.

Does Aquaman 2 Will this be Amber’s last DC film? Comment on our social networks.

Still on the last test screening of the film, @BlackMajikMan90 said that the general reactions of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom were very positive. He said that Warners has a big sequel on its hands.

Aquaman 2 is slated to hit US theaters on March 17, 2023.

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