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Grêmio advanced in negotiations with midfielder Lucas Leiva. The parties approached the terms of the treaty and took another step to agree on the player’s return after 15 years.

The new round of talks showed the two parties closer in terms of treaties. The business has the participation of businessman Giuliano Bertolucci and became public after Grêmio’s demonstration after the game with Novorizontino, on Tuesday night.

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As he heard the ge from a source on Wednesday night, the negotiation “improved a lot”. Tricolor was already talking behind the scenes that it could formulate an offer with a salary in the current reality, but with an increase in case of eventual access to Serie A.

After the victory over Novorizontino, football vice-president Denis Abrahão stated that talks were ongoing and that Grêmio and the player were “dating”, but still in the “hand holding phase”.

Lucas Leiva in farewell to Lazio — Photo: Publicity/Lazio

Lucas has been in Porto Alegre since the beginning of the week and intends to define the future in the coming days. The steering wheel has been free on the market since Lazio’s departure at the end of May. And he always valued his identification with Grêmio, where he was revealed and played between 2005 and 2007.

At the end of May, the ge reported the beginning of conversations between Grêmio and the steering wheel. Botafogo and Atlético-MG even made contacts with Lucas, who were interested. But the steering wheel’s intention is to return to the Tricolor.

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