Terry Crews appears on set of Tales of the Walking Dead

Terry Crews

With production on Tales of the Walking Dead underway, the first images of Terry Crews and Olivia Munn have emerged on set. They will play Joe and Evie, respectively, and the official photo shows them both in helmets on a motorcycle ready to escape something. Or going after something, right?

The series will follow in an anthology format, that is, each episode will tell a different story within the TWD universe. Details about the story have not yet been revealed, as we will have one of the biggest stars of As White and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but it is already a guarantee of a certain humor on the small screen.

Where do they go?

Which Terry Crews episode will appear?

The specific episode that Terry Crews will participate in Tales of the Walking Dead has not been released, but the series will only have six chapters and two of them will be shown in the premiere, on August 14, 2022. The others can be seen in the coming weeks, with a leaving every Sunday until completing the entire first season. Here in Brazil, the original series is broadcast by Star+, with the spin-off expected to follow the same path.

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