5 reasons to watch “Blonde”, the Netflix movie about Marilyn Monroe

The movie “Blonde”, based on the life of Marilyn Monroe which will debut on Netflix, is generating a lot of curiosity in the actress’s fans

Marylin Monroe was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents separated even before her birth, which made her the child of a single mother who had only sparse time and resources to support herself. So she was put up for adoption. As an adult, she began working in a munitions factory. One day, a photographer took some pictures of the actress and got her a job as a model. Sounds like a movie story, doesn’t it? So it is. Now her story will become a movie called “Blonde”, announced by Netflix, a fictionalized biopic of the actress.

Notaterapia separated 5 reasons for you to watch “Blonde”, a Netflix movie about Marilyn Monroe:

It is based on a book

The film is based on the novel of the same name by writer Joyce Carol Oates. Directed by Andrew Dominik, “Blonde” has been in development since 2010. But it was in 2019, with the production of actor Brad Pitt, that the work really took off. Although the story centers on Marilyn Monroe, an artist who really existed, the director has said in interviews that the film is not a biography, but a work of fiction with some elements of reality.

the difficult childhood

Marilyn Monroe as a child

The film’s script will explore the construction of characters, especially the icon Marilyn. For that, it will be set in past decades. If following the structure of the book, “Blonde” will depart from Monroe’s childhood in foster homes to show the famous actress’ early years and the beginning of her career that actually happened after Marilyn Monroe met a photographer and became a photographer. model.

A strong cast…mostly the choice for Marylin

Some of the actors and actresses in the cast

The chosen one for the role of Marilyn Monroe is the actress Ana de Armas. Alongside her we have Oscar winner Adrien Brody as well as Arthur Miller. Bobby Cannavale will play Joe DiMaggio, Julianne Nicholson will play Gladys Pearl Baker, and Caspar Phillipson will play John F. Kennedy. In addition, the film will feature Toby Huss as Allan Snyder, David Warshovsky as Darryl Zanuck, Evan Williams as Edward G. Robinson Jr., Xavier Samuel as Charlie Chaplin, Michael Masini as Tony Curtis, and Luke Whoriskey as James Dean.

What to expect from Ana de Armas?

Some photos of the production have already been released, although the premiere has not yet been scheduled. What has impressed the public is precisely the reconstruction work not only of Marilyn Monroe herself, but also of other characters, sets and costumes. Actress Ana de Armas promised in interviews a very accurate interpretation of Marilyn Monroe, especially in some phases of the icon’s life, such as the controversial filming of “Some Like It Hot” (1952), directed by Billy Wilder.

Viewers will be able to see more about how Marilyn acted during these times, when she found out she was pregnant and about her involvement with John Kennedy. In addition to these facts, “Blonde” will also talk about certain footage that helped create the Marilyn Monroe myth who became a sex symbol for many years.


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