Adryelson sues Sport in court and asks for indirect termination of contract in action of R$ 3.4 million | sport

Adryelson triggered Sport in the Labor Court asking for indirect contract termination. The defender was expected to reappear at the beginning of July, but is now resigning – charging late payments in a action that is valued at R$ 3,446,680.00. The process charges back wages, 13th salary, FGTS and fines. It’s about six to seven months open.

On Monday, Sport had been notified extrajudicially with a period of 48 hours to pay the debt with Adryelson. There was no response. After that, the process was triggered, during the afternoon of Thursday, and is distributed by lot to the rapporteur Ana Catarina Magalhães de Sá Leitão.

  • Adryelson was expected to reappear in July

Sport has not yet received the subpoena of the process, but prepares an official note to position itself explaining the case. The defender’s representatives were contacted by the report, but did not respond at the time of this publication.

Adryelson on the field for Al-Wasl, in the United Arab Emirates — Photo: Al-Wasl / Disclosure

  1. CLT: BRL 269,865.74 (August and 13th of 2019, March and 13th of 2020, December, March, May and June 2021);
  2. IMAGE: BRL 418,375.00 (September 2019, January, February, March, April, May, June and July 2020, March, May and June 2021)
  3. FGTS: BRL 124,912.00 (2019, 2020, January to June 2021)

Sport owes about R$ 1 million in salaries to Adryelson, since 2019. He charges this amount and the full amounts until the end of the contract – which would be in 2023. On his return to Leão, he would have a salary readjustment.

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Negotiations and action in Justice

Adryelson was expected to return to Sport in July, after his loan contract with Al-Wasl, from the United Arab Emirates, expired. The story involving the three, however, has been unfolding since the beginning of last month.

Jair Ventura and Adryelson collect millionaire debts from Sport in court

Jair Ventura and Adryelson collect millionaire debts from Sport in court

At that first moment, Al-Wasl could trigger a purchase clause in the contract – until May 31 – and pay 1.5 million dollars to have Adryelson permanently. The Arab club, however, opted for a different path. He showed interest and sent a proposal with values ​​below what was stipulated in the contract.

The numbers of the proposal did not please Sport, and the offer was denied. In the midst of the impasse, the defender’s representative came to Recife to talk to the board, to design the best financial operation involving both parties. There was no consensus. In this period, Al-Wasl filled the vacancy that would be left by Adryelson and the space for negotiation was lost.

In the contract, Sport would be entitled to receive 20% of the – while 45% are from the defender and another 35% from the Coimbra club, from Minas Gerais (linked to BMG). This percentage sharing was confirmed by Rubro-Negro’s legal vice president, Rodrigo Guedes.

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Without the international negotiation, Sport received a notification – at the beginning of the week – to pay the debt it has outstanding with the defender and thus be able to proceed with new negotiation wheels. The club’s response was awaited until Wednesday. With no response, the defender called the court.

The information of the entry of the process in Justice was disclosed by Kurier Tecnologia and confirmed by the ge.

Adryelson talks about his departure from Sport to play in the United Arab Emirates

Adryelson talks about his departure from Sport to play in the United Arab Emirates

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