AMD Announces Zen 5 Architecture and 4nm “Turin” EPYC Processors

CPU for professional segment will be released in 2024

THE OMG announced this Friday, the 10th, its new Zen 5 architecture and the “Turin” EPYC processor family. Manufactured in the 4 nm process of TSMCthe next generation of CPUs for high performance computing (HPC) will be launched in 2024. The OMG intends to decrease the node to 3 nm in other products of the line.

AMD reveals little information from EPYC Turin

The manufacturer’s announcement was given in the AMD Financial Analyst Day. The company led by Lisa Su revealed that the Zen 5 architecture will arrive in 2024 (as well as zen 4). The fifth generation of EPYC processorswith codename touristmwill have models using the technologies Zen 5 V-Cache and Zen 5c.

the line EPYC is geared towards the companiesserving machines for servers, cloud services and other areas of HPC. As well as the fourth generation of EPYC processorsit is expected that the OMG release four versions of Turin with specifications focused on certain segments.

Credits: Disclosure/AMD.

On the performance side, the OMG gave generic statements. THE zen 5 will bring performance and energy efficiency gains — following the company’s plans to produce chips that have the best energy consumption on the market.

Roadmap shows process evolution

In the planning map (second image of the gallery) it is possible to verify that the OMG will bring to zen 5 (and also for the zen 4) two chip manufacturing processes — all done by TSMC. The first EPYC Turin processors manufactured by the company will use the 4 nm node. With time, the OMG will manufacture the CPUs 5th Generation youngest EPYC with the 3 nm process.

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The red side of the force, along with the appleis on the “VIP list” of customers of TSMC. You EPYC processors with zen 4scheduled for 2023, also used two semiconductor factory nodes: 5nm and 4nm.

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