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Bitter taste. Fortaleza drew 1-1 with Goiás on Thursday night (9). It could have won the second straight confrontation in Serie A and approached the other opponents in the table. But he conceded a goal in the final moments of the second half, when he fell into action.

With six points, he is five away from leaving the Z-4. The first out of the zone today is Avaí, with 11 points. Fortaleza is still without a win inside the Castelão Arena and left the field booed on Thursday.

With more possession of the ball at the beginning and higher in number of shots, Fortaleza did the job right away: with a sensational pass from Felipe, Romero’s light guard, Pikachu scored Leão’s first goal, his 14th in 2022. was reviewed and relief came with confirmation.

At 21 min of the 1st half - Central do Apito sees a penalty, but the referee does not call for a foul by Caetano on Pikachu after consulting VAR

At 21 min of the 1st half – Central do Apito sees a penalty, but the referee does not call for a foul by Caetano on Pikachu after consulting VAR

Soon after, the player was tackled in the area. For Central do Apito, a penalty should have been awarded. With VAR review, nothing was scored in Pikachu, which outraged the crowd.

With a proposal to defend themselves and try to counterattack, Goiás was not successful. Boeck was only threatened at the end, after his and Benevenuto’s mistake and Sidnei’s submission. Fortaleza took danger with Landázuri, Hércules and Lucas Lima. Tadeu was the best name for Goiás. The score was still “thin” in face of the possibilities created by the Strength.

At the return of the interval, Goiás had better posture. Threatened right from the start. For Vojvoda, the most difficult thing was seeing Benevenuto leaving in pain, since in the medical department the team already has Tinga, Depietri and Matheus Vargas (in transition). After the “forced” change, he made two more: with Zé Welison and Robson joining. The two stood out against Flamengo, in the last round.

Fortaleza vs Goiás – Serie A 2022 — Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Moisés still had a chance, after a beautiful launch, but the defender cut at the crucial moment. The final minutes could have been calmer for Fortaleza, if they had taken advantage of the good opportunities of the first half.

The hard blow came at the end, with the goal of Goiás, by Pedro Raul. So, the Strength conceded a goal in all the games they played in this Serie A. Under the eyes of the fans at Castelão, he still hasn’t won.

The boos at the end are very understandable. It was difficult to see the superior team in the first half slowing down in the second half. The next opponent is Athletico-PR, next Sunday. After the heroic victory against Flamengo in Rio, Vojvoda’s team was expected to make a dash for the competition. Now it’s time to regain concentration and the will to try to get out of the uncomfortable position.

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