Caramel dog takes advantage of the priest’s distraction and snatches bread from mass; video

Recently, a caramel mutt starred in a hilarious scene during mass at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Belencito in Nobsa, Colombia.

The handsome took advantage of the priests’ distraction to eat a piece of bread that they had left on the altar table.

No one saw the puppy entering the church, an opportunity he had to commit the ‘perfect crime’.

Well, actually, the faithful Fabio Motos saw it, filmed it and shared it on his Facebook profile, last Monday, the 6th. But he preferred not to draw attention and let the puppy proceed with his plan.

In the scenes it is possible to see that the priests were busy at the altar and the musicians singing the hymn. Meanwhile the little dog was sniffing and, when he found the bread, he stood up to snatch it on the table and ‘sneaked away’ without anyone noticing.

The publication received more than 18 thousand reactions, 67 thousand shares and thousands of comments.

“The innocence of animals is priceless, I love them,” commented one.

“The puppy is also part of the kingdom of God,” declared another.

“He liked the bread more than everyone else,” wrote a third.

Check out:

Beloved! He is certainly from the street and saw an opportunity to feed himself.

If you know a little animal that needs help, feed it, it won’t cost you anything and it will bring you immense joy for being able to help.

Also see this video:

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