Chile regrets Nicaragua’s absence from Summit to talk about ‘political prisoners’ – 10/06/2022

Los Angeles, June 10, 2022 (AFP) – Chilean President Gabriel Boric expressed his displeasure this Friday (10) at the exclusion of countries such as Nicaragua from the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, which prevented discussions on their release. of the “political prisoners” of the government of Daniel Ortega.

“It is important that when we disagree we can say it to the other’s face. Exclusion only fosters isolation and does not produce results, as we have learned historically”, said the leftist Boric during his speech in the plenary of the continental event.

“We should all be here and not everyone is. I don’t like the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua,” he added. United States, as hosts, excluded these three governments, arguing that they do not respect democracy.

“It would be different to discuss in a forum like this, with all the countries present, including those that decided to withdraw, the urgent need to release Nicaragua’s political prisoners or also the moral and practical importance of ending once and for all the unjust and unacceptable blockade by the United States against the people of Cuba,” said the Chilean leader.

Daniel Ortega, a 76-year-old former guerrilla fighter, won his fourth consecutive term since 2007 in November, in elections in which most of his opponents and rivals were imprisoned or exiled. The organization Mechanism for the Recognition of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua counts 182 political prisoners in Nicaragua.

The president accuses them of conspiring to overthrow him with Washington’s support. Opponents and the international community consider them to be maneuvers to maintain power.

During the week, some organizations of Nicaraguan exiles complained that the topic was not addressed at the Summit.

“We feel doubly tortured,” said Óscar González of the Nicaraguan Medical Unit (UNM), made up of health professionals who claim to have been fired from the state health system or retaliated for treating those injured in anti-government protests in 2018.

“We were victims of repression and now we are victims because we feel separated and not heard from the organizational point of view of the Summit [das Américas]”, added González, who lives in Ecuador.


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