How to know if an Intel Alder Lake chip supports AVX512 or not?

Intel physically disabled the feature, but old batches still work

AVX512 support for Intel Alder Lake is an interesting and long story. In summary, the new desktop processor series has been listed with support for AVX512 instructions in the developer guide provided by Intel for the Alder Lake series.

According to this guide, AVX512 support was initially only available for P (Performance) cores on Alder Lake processors, but Intel later amended the guide and listed AVX512 as disabled.

Analysts and overclockers were quick to notice that, despite no official support, Alder Lake processors still supported AVX512 instructions, which can successfully run in benchmarks. Motherboard manufacturers even decided to support AVX512 if the processor supported it.

However, all good things come to an end. In March of this year Intel officially started melting (ruining) the AVX512 from silicon, which means that even with the supported BIOS, it will no longer work.

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There is still a chance that customers may come across AVX512-enabled chips. Intel recently made a new revision that has distinctive marking that can help you quickly distinguish each chip.

As pictured, Intel’s new square logo that replaced the old circular version is probably the fastest way. In fact, there were people asking if the square logo meant it would be a fake processor as it didn’t look like any Alder Lake processor released before, but luckily it isn’t. It’s just a subtle change to the logo after Intel’s 2020 rebrand.

Luumi, an overclocker made a video (access here, in English) on the subject, explains:

I wanted to add this information to my AVX-512 video as I couldn’t get the AVX-512 to work on any of my previous G7400 processors. The hardware itself was fine, but in fact none of these G7400 processors had AVX-512 support available as it has already been disabled by Intel at the factory, which is pretty much the case for all newer Alder Lake processors.

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It seems that almost all Alder Lake CPUs in the 2022 batch have AVX-512 disabled, so it is best to hunt down a 2021 batch CPU. Fortunately for us, Intel has left a mark to determine if the CPU supports the AVX-512 or no, looking at the IHS (processor metal housing).

Every processor that has a circled logo above the word Intel on the IHS will support the AVX-512, and all rectangle/square marking CPUs have instructions disabled by Intel.

So, at least with Pentiums and other low-end models, you can just walk into a store and look at the processor’s IHS through the small window (in the package) and determine if it has AVX-512 or not.

— Luumi

Comment what you think about Intel’s way of disabling AVX-512 instructions on Alder Lake processors.

MSI re-enables AVX-512 instructions on Intel Alder Lake processors

MSI re-enables AVX-512 instructions on Intel Alder Lake processors
Instructions provide better performance in specific applications


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