iOS 16: Check out 17 new features for your iPhone

THE apple officially announced iOS 16 on Monday (6) during WWDC 2022. In addition to a renewed look for the lock screen, the company has brought new features and has already made the update available to developers. The launch of the first public beta, however, will only take place in July.

O TecMundo installed iOS 16 on an iPhone XR and brings the best functions found so far in the new operating system. It is worth considering that end users are not recommended to install updates in beta phase — both because of bugs and possible problems that can lead to the loss of important data.

1. Lock screen notifications

iOS 16 notificationsNotifications in iOS 16 now appear and hide in the bottom area.

The first notable change of the new iOS 16 appears right away on the lock screen. now there is an icon of the current Focus mode, such as Do Not Disturb, which “hides notifications”. Just tap on that icon and swipe up to open notifications, then swipe down to hide them. It is a practical gesture that facilitates the visualization of the current state of the cell phone.

2. Apple Watch-inspired widgets

iOS 16 widgetsWidgets on iOS 16’s lock screen have two different sizes.

The iOS 16 will allow users to add widgets to the lock screen. Revealed in the presentation, the tool has similarities with the formats used in the Apple Watch. As it is still in beta, you can only use widgets from native apps such as Calendar, Weather, Clock, Reminders, Fitness, Home, Batteries and others.

3. Lock screen customization

The big highlight of iOS 16, so far, is the new lock screen. It allows including the aforementioned widgets, brings notifications from the bottom up and still has a much higher level of customization. So much so that users can create several lock screens, which can be chosen manually or configured according to the desired Focus mode — whether for work, studies, leisure and the like.

in it, it is possible to change the font and color of the displayed time, select specific, random or people photos; use emojis or even change the background color to a simpler default. There are also ready-made models that bring depth effects and animated ones (that show the transition of time, for example), although some only work on newer iPhones.

iOS 16 lock screeniOS 16 lock screen customization brings new features to Apple’s system for the first time.

To create a new lock screen in iOS 16, simply tap and hold on a clean area of ​​the screen and then you will be presented with options to customize the current one and a button to create a new one. There is also a “Focus” button which is used to link the specific screen in some usage mode when activated.

It is also worth noting that widgets, so far, have two different sizes (from an icon and a slightly wider one). They are always centered, so if you choose to use just one, it will always appear in that position.

iOS 16iOS 16 music player is now at the bottom when the screen is locked.

iOS 16 also integrates other widgets into the lock screen, such as the music player that now appears in the lower area of ​​the screen. This makes it easier to reach the controls, which previously appeared close to the time at the top.

4. Spotlight more prominently

When unlocking the cell phone, we also noticed that the padlock icon displayed at the top of the screen is smaller and more discreet. Spotlight, the iOS search, has gained a more noticeable change. Now, you can access it directly from the lock screen just swiping down from a blank area.

On the home screen, the tool gained a “Search” button that appears just above the Dock, positioned on the button to switch between pages. This brings up a second way to trigger the system search from that point on.

5. Keyboard now “vibrates”

On some Android smartphones, the user feels a slight vibration when typing using the keyboard. This haptic response has now also been introduced in iOS 16, as Apple cites, although the company has not detailed which iPhone models it will work on. In XR, there is no option to enable the functionality.

6. View and Share Wi-Fi Passwords

iOS 16 WiFiIn iOS 16 it is possible to check and copy passwords for already saved Wi-Fi networks.

If you’re the type who uses complex passwords on Wi-FiiOS 16 now has a function that allows you to view, copy and share a network password, whether connected to it or not at the moment, as long as it is already saved. Just go to Settings, the Wi-Fi option, and on the chosen network, tap the letter “i” icon. From there, just tap on the password and authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID and it will appear.

7. Password protected photos

With iOS 16, Apple will allow users to use secure folders for some images. Within the Photos app, the “Hidden Items” and “Deleted Items” folders are already locked by default. To hide a photo or video, just open the file within the app, tap the three dots icon at the top and choose the “Hide” option.

iOS 16 PhotosThe iOS 16 Photos app now has two password-protected folders.

It is also possible to hide multiple files at once. Just select the ones you want and tap the same three-dot button, which in this case will appear in the lower area of ​​the screen.

8. Read texts in videos

The Live Text tool, which already allows you to read text from a photograph, for example, copy it and share it elsewhere, has now arrived in videos. This function, however, should not be available in all applications, such as YouTube.

According to Apple, text recognition in videos can be used in Photos, Quick Look, Safari and others.

9. Quick Notes

iPhone users will also be able to write quick notes more easily. This addition is “hidden” in the Settings in the Control Center area. There, there is a new “Quick Note” icon, which appears in the hub and allows you to quickly create a new file. The iPad also already has this function, but activated from a more practical gesture (because of the screen size).

Another addition made by Apple, also in the notes, is that both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will be able to include password lock on specific files.

Minor features and additions

iOS 16 also has some other new feature additions that are more discreet, but promise to make some processes easier. Here are some of them:

10. It will be possible to use Face ID horizontally, not just vertically;

11. Nintendo Switch controllers are supported;

12. You can mark messages as unread in the system’s native app, as well as edit them or cancel sending;

13. The Mail app can now schedule the sending of emails;

14. It is now possible copy and paste image edits to others within the galleryusing the same settings for multiple files;

15. There is now a function called Security Check focused on protecting potential victims of domestic violence;

16. Using Dictation, it will be possible to switch between voice and typing;

17. Translate: the native app gained an option to trigger and use the camera.

Image: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Back camera: 12 MP (f/1.6, 26mm, 1.7µm) + 12 MP (f/2.2, 65mm, 1/3.4″, 1.0µm) + 12 MP (f/2.4, 120˚, 13mm, 1/3.6″) + TOF 3D

  • Frontal camera: 12 MP (f/2.2, 23mm, 1/3.6″) + SL 3D

  • Video: 4K@24/30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/120/240fps

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