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I don’t know if you ever noticed or needed it, but until iOS 15 the system doesn’t let you view wifi password that is connected (if not an open network). And if it’s one you’ve connected to in the past, then don’t even think about it.

The funny thing is that if you have a Mac, you can access this information in the app Access to Keys (Keychain Access). Those of the networks connected by iPhone and iPad are all there, synced by iCloud.

On iOS, in the passwords part of the Settings you can’t find any record of Wi-Fi connections. It was information that the user did not have available.

O iOS 16 will change that, allowing you to access passwords directly on the device.

Viewing Wi-Fi Passwords

In the new system, the passwords of the networks you have connected to are stored in Settings, in the Wi-Fi section itself.

Just tap the button i to access network data.

The password field will be hidden. You need to tap it and the password will be revealed with the authentication of biometrics or device password.

To see old connection passwords, go back to the Wi-Fi menu and tap the new “To edit“.

You’ll then see all the networks you’ve ever connected to, whether from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. And since they sync to iCloud across devices, that history can go back years.

Those with a padlock are those with a password. The ones without a lock will obviously not have any registered password, as they are open.

In this part of the settings you can also delete old networks that you no longer use by tapping the red button. In this case, they will be deleted on all your devices as well.

It’s more of a convenience for the user.

Some will complain, saying that now everyone who connects to your Wi-Fi at home will be able to find your password. But that’s how it is, devices have always kept this record and there have been ways to find out for a long time.

Now at least the function will help in other cases where it is also useful.

iOS 16 is in the testing phase and should be released to the general public only in September. See more news of the upcoming update here on BDI.

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