Melissa McCarthy cried with Halle Bailey singing

The actress Melissa McCarthy revealed, during the program Watch What Happens Livewho cried when he heard Halle Bailey singing one of the live-action songs by The Little Mermaid. Without giving too much detail — “I would be dead”he explained—she described her reaction as “deep”. “It’s so beautiful. This girl sings from her heart”; Look:

The crying was not unique to McCarthy. The actress said she was with six other co-stars when the song started playing in the studio, and everyone was in tears.

Ursula’s interpreter also didn’t save praise for Berry. “She’s a remarkable young woman. At all times…how she behaves on set, how she is as a person”.

Rob Marshall (The Return of Mary Poppins) will direct the live-action of The Little Mermaidwhich will feature a roadmap Jane Goldman (X-Men: Days of Future Past). Furthermore, Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda will make the soundtrack, which will have the addition of new songs.

The cast of the new version includes Halle Bailey like Ariel, Melissa McCarthy like Ursula, Jacob Tremblay (Jack’s Room), awkwafina (Crazy Rich), Javier Bardem (Where the weak have no place) and Daveed Diggs (Hamilton).

the live action of The Little Mermaid debut in May 26, 2023.

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