Read and reply to WhatsApp messages without being discovered; see how

All users of Whatsapp already faced with the desire for anonymity. Although it is possible to camouflage the view of the message through the blue lines, the “online” can report you. Is it possible to read and reply to messages without other users knowing? The answer is yes; know how to do.

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However, initially, it is worth noting that the application does not have settings to hide the status of active, or “online”. Anyone, even if not your contact, will be able to see the message. Likewise, everyone can see when you are typing text or recording audio. There are also no ways to hide messages that denounce your action.

The only official way to make this happen is by blocking the contact or replying to the message while disconnected from the internet. However, when you block or disconnect, you will not receive messages from that person. Generally, this is also not the intention of those who want anonymity.

Learn how to read messages on WhatsApp without being discovered

Even if there is no specific configuration, it is possible to read messages without going “online”. Incidentally, it is also possible to type and record messages “hidden”.

The first trick to read a conversation without reporting it’s online is through notifications. Just lower the notification bar to read the messages that are available on WhatsApp.

The problem with this method is its limitation. Only the latest notifications are available, yet few messages can be read this way. You will also not be able to hear the audios.

Turn on airplane mode

However, in airplane mode you can read all the messages and listen to the audios that have already been downloaded. All this without changing your status. In fact, it is even possible to type and record messages without the contact knowing.

In this case, messages will be sent as soon as the connection is re-established. In other words, anonymity is guaranteed.

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