Thailand distributes 1 million marijuana seedlings for free; understand

Thailand started today distributing marijuana seedlings to producers and farmers in the country. The action was taken a day after the legalization of the cultivation and sale of the plant.

The measure was taken as a way to boost the local economy and grow in this new market – even if it is intended for pharmaceutical purposes.

The distribution of the first 100 seedlings was made by the Minister of Health, Anutin Charnvirakul, in Buriram province. According to the government, 350,000 farmers have already registered as “cannabis growers” with public bodies.

During a speech at the time of the distribution of the plants, the minister stated that the cultivation of the plant will bring “financial benefits to individual producers, farmers and entrepreneurs”.

According to the Associated Press, the local government expects that one million plants will be distributed in the country in the next six months.

Despite the permission for planting and trade, the legislation of Thailand only allows the consumption of the plant in a medicinal way.

In the country, however, there is no announcement of plans to monitor the distribution made by these farmers to buyers.


With yesterday’s decision on the decriminalization of marijuana use, Thailand becomes the first country in Asia to allow the cultivation and sale of the plant. Cannabis-infused foods and drinks can also be sold in restaurants, but the THC concentration in these products is required to stay below 0.2%.

Despite this, the local government continues to prohibit the use of the plant for recreational purposes, with penalties that can reach up to three months in prison and a fine of 25 thousand baht, equivalent to R$ 3.8 thousand for those who, when smoking in public, “annoy” other people.

The maintenance of this penalty in the country’s Public Health Law is so that the nation is not considered a “tourist destination” for those who want to consume THC.

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