The conclusions of ‘CPI’ that accuses Trump of orchestrating ‘coup attempt’ with Capitol invasion

  • Anthony Zurcher and Jude Sheerin
  • From BBC News in Washington

Congressmen watch Ivanka's testimony shown on the big screen

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Congressional Commission displays excerpt from testimony by Ivanka Trump, daughter of former President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump has been accused by a parliamentary commission of inquiry of having orchestrated the January 6, 2021, invasion of the Capitol in a “coup attempt”. The allegation was made in the first televised session of the investigation carried out over 11 months, an unprecedented event in US politics.

According to investigators, Trump made allegations of fraud in the 2020 election knowing they were false and incited protesters to act violently in order to stage a coup.

Politicians from the Democratic Party (President Joe Biden’s) and two Republican Party politicians (from Trump) who are on the investigative committee have insisted that it is important to present the investigation work to the American public, both for historical record purposes and to lay the groundwork. legislative actions that can protect democracy from future attacks.

But the rest of the GOP, on the other hand, sees the investigation as a partisan, biased, and without legitimacy spectacle aimed at diverting public attention from rising inflation and this year’s election that could drive Democrats out of control of the House and Senate. .

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