“This is already the first change”; Dorival Júnior ‘disagrees’ with P. Sousa and changes decision in Flamengo


Flamengo commander arrives with the hope of the fans in better days at Ninho do Urubu and Gávea

- Dorival Junior
© (Photo: Ricardo Nogueira/Getty Images)– Dorival Junior

Flamengo hopes to have a “new life” with the resignation by Paulo Sousa and the arrival of Dorival Júnior. The Portuguese captain did not have any mood to continue after the defeat to Red Bull Bragantino, but he still gave his last training session yesterday (9th) and soon after he was disconnected from the Club, which already wants to count on Dorival as soon as possible on the edge of the lawn.

The new coach will sign a contract valid for 6 months (until the end of the season) and his name has been widely accepted among the players. Dorival Júnior considers the squad to be very qualified and who can win important titles still this year. Among the commander’s first requests, a lot goes through the permanence of Marine.

If with Paulo Sousa at Fla, the tendency was that the striker could leave even in advance due to his decision, that changed. The new Flamengo coach likes to play with players of this profile, he is a sprinter and very good at one-on-one. Thus, Marinho will have the golden opportunity to show that he can be useful for Flamengo and will hardly leave CRF because of this change in the coaching staff. This is the first change.

In this first moment, Dorival wants to win the Flamengo group and understand the difficulties of the squad and also individually. The coach will try to convey confidence to each one and, thus, Mengão follow the path of victories. The tendency is for the 3-back system to be really abandoned.

The direction of the Flamengo football department will now pass on the names of possible reinforcements that are on the agenda to know the coach’s assessment. The target that attracts the most attention is Everton Chives, from Benfica. He is prioritized in this transfer window.

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