Thomson Reuters Solutions Domain opens 70 vacancies for home office technology teams; know more

Work in a multinational company, but from your home. It seems like a dream, but it is possible for Thomson Reuters employees, who combine information, innovation and insight to unravel complex situations in the tax, foreign trade, accounting and legal markets, supporting clients in decision making.

Based in Criciúma, it currently has 450 employees. There are more than 2,000 employees across the country at Thomson Reuters. The company’s main purpose is to offer products that include highly specialized software and tools with strategic information for legal, tax, accounting, compliance and foreign trade professionals.

The Thomson Reuters team works with a focus on being a trusted partner to support the most complex situations, providing reliable answers to turn your vision into reality and become a leader in your market.


Thomson Reuters seeks to create a dynamic environment that is constantly growing and transforming every day so that employees feel good and happy with their work. The technology company offers leadership, a diverse and inclusive environment. In its benefits portfolio, the company includes meal and/or meal allowances, transportation vouchers, medical and dental assistance and an annual incentive plan; Gympass and free access to the Headspace service platform; employee assistance program and two days off dedicated to mental health.

Employees also have the opportunity to receive a day off on their birthday and the option to work remotely from anywhere in the country. Recently two new programs were launched, in one of them the employee will be able to take 10 working days away to take care of a direct member of his family in case of health.

The multinational company also offers remote work (for the product and technology areas) and a hybrid work model (for the support areas, mixing in-person work days in the remote work office throughout the week); LinkedIn Learning with a variety of free courses, AWS trainings and educational programs focusing on digital fluency and technical and personal skills.

All employees are offered a price for the employee to adapt their workplace to their home, that is, to buy a chair, a table, etc.

70 vacancies

The company seeks to fill 70 vacancies with professionals for technology (all remote). “These vacancies are for software developers and testers. We have a product management area that we offer to people who have degrees in Accounting, that is, they can be an accountant and have knowledge in payroll, for example. This employee will inform what the software has to do. We hire people who know accounting and not just those who develop. We are rewriting our applications on a new platform and we need to hire”, explains the Director of Technology, Hemerson Birolo.

Professional growth

Thomson Reuters is looking for new employees willing to grow professionally. “We have a fully inclusive company and we value our employees. They have opportunities to show their talents and grow within the company. We provide important tools for the employee to be able to show his potential and stand out within Thomson Reuters”, comments the Human Resources Manager , Juliana Zanette de Lorenzi.

Check out the vacancies available at Thomson Reuters at this link: LinkedIn

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