Why do dogs howl? Understand what that sound means

O howl It’s a natural behavior in wolves and dogs, but when it happens frequently and lasts a long time, it can indicate that your dog is in need of help, you know? In some cases, the howling can indicate pain, stress, or other health issues.

In nature, the howl serves as a kind of animal communication. It is believed that the wolves howl for reasons such as fending off enemies, locating other pack members and also to “talk”, such as when they need to warn other wolves about a threat of danger.

The same is true of domestic dogs, which use howling as a form of communication to this day — the breeds that are closest to wolves, such as the Alaskan Malamute and Akita, are known to howl more.

Animal behavior experts also often talk about emotional issues related to howling, such as when a dog is left alone for a long time. In these cases, the act of howling can be a way for the dog to get attention and show that he is anxious or stressed.

In some dogs, howling can also happen when the animal is receiving a very intense stimulus or when it is uncomfortable for some reason. You most common meanings of your dog’s howl are usually:

  • separation anxiety: when tutors are away for long periods, the dog suffers from this absence.
  • thirst or hunger: Howling can also be a way for your dog to indicate that he has an empty food container.
  • Pain: when the animal is injured, the long howl is usually a sign of pain.
  • draw attention: It is very common for dogs to howl to get attention. In these cases, the ideal is to wait for the dog to stop howling before approaching the animal.

When your dog is howling, don’t scold or punish him in any way. Ideally, try to understand what is causing this behavior. See if there’s anything that could be making the dog scared, if he’s hungry or if he’s feeling lonely.

If nothing resolves or calms your pet, the ideal is to seek help from a veterinarian, who will be able to do a physical exam and find out if something is causing pain or stress in your best friend.

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