Zé Elias and Pedro Ivo point out Luís Castro’s mistakes in Botafogo’s defeat to Palmeiras: ‘Ideas do not match the squad they have’

Commentators Zé Elias and Pedro Ivo Almeida, from ESPN, identified “mistakes in concept” by coach Luís Castro in Botafogo’s 4-0 defeat by Palmeiras this Thursday, at Allianz Parque. According to them, the current alvinegro squad does not meet the conditions for him to play the way he has intended and the recent results reflect that.

– John Textor sent Enderson (Moreira) away with 71% of success, understanding how Brazilian football works, because he had a project, a mentality. Luís Castro’s ideas do not match the cast he has. It was an absurd reality check against Palmeiras. If I have a limited squad, if I’m still building a base, will I play the way I played yesterday? – asked Zé Elias, during the “ESPN F90”

– Didn’t they tell Luís Castro how Palmeiras plays? Did no one from the commission show how Palmeiras works? Did he not prepare? We charge so much from Brazilian coaches, foreigners have to be demanded as well. You already have time to work, knowledge, an analysis department… Botafogo taking a 3-0 lead and going after Palmeiras? Abel did like this: “Thank you very much, Luís, that’s what I wanted” – he added.

Pedro Ivo Almeida also pointed out errors in Luís Castro’s strategy, but stressed that the work of building a new Botafogo takes time.

– Luís Castro made a mistake, it was bad yesterday, and I think he has done very well in other situations in this beginning of work with that same Botafogo. There was an error of concept, of game idea there. He has two months and something else with this team, he’s groping, he’s understanding, he’s going to make mistakes because he doesn’t know here. He thought he could establish a situation against Palmeiras away from home, but he can’t… He has an idea of ​​the game, philosophy, proposal, but this squad is not responding. If he wants results, he needs to understand how this squad needs to get in to get the result he wants. I don’t see the problem in the pieces themselves, but in the posture. I have an idea X, but I have a cast Y. It needs to balance because it needs results – analyzed Pedro Ivo, ending:

– It is always complicated to ask passionate fans to align expectations. Botafogo’s project is very clear, Enderson left because Textor had another vision. Castro came and nobody was wrong, he has an idea, and it takes time, it’s another philosophy. It’s a lot of illusion to arrive in June and say that he revolutionized Botafogo in two and a half months.

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