10 Female Performances That Were Unlucky at the Awards (2000-2020)

From Nicole Kidman, for “Moulin Rouge”, to Ellen Burstyn, for “Requiem for a Dream”, Caio Pimenta brings a TOP 10 with actresses who are not lucky at the Oscars, either for running against a mega favorite or being in the middle of a dispute between two strong candidates.


THE Nicole Kidman was at the height of his career at the beginning of the century and “Moulin Rouge” summarized this moment with the actress giving a show of sensuality, singing very well and moving between drama and humor with ease.

The Baz Lurhman musical was strong at the Oscars that year, which favored her.

However, the delivery of Halle Berry added to the historical factor of never having a black woman win Best Actress played in favor of the star of “The Last Supper”.


At least, Kidman didn’t take long to receive the Oscar: the following year, she won Best Actress for “The Hours”. And taking the cue, I bring the ninth position.

In addition to the narrative of the great star of world cinema without an Oscar, Nicole Kidman played the legendary writer Virginia Woolf in Stephen Daldry’s drama.

Therefore, it was more than predictable to win Best Actress in 2003. Too bad that, in the same category, was Julianne Moore’s incredible performance in the underrated “Far from Heaven”.

Despite the four nominations, including the original screenplay, Todd Haynes’ work didn’t have the strength to clash with “The Hours”, preventing Moore from arriving with more force in the season.


Now, it’s Anne Hathaway’s turn from “Rachel Getting Married”.

Still marked by the romantic comedies that he starred so much during the 2000s, the star started to be taken more seriously by his peers from the drama of Jonathan Demme.

And it was not without reason, after all, she dominates the scene whenever she appears as the black sheep of the family.

However, how to overcome Kate Winsletliving an excellent year with “The Reader” and “It was Just a Dream”, in a role beyond Oscar bait and until then without a single statuette?

Impossible that Winslet wouldn’t take that Oscar.


In seventh place I go to Margot Robbie, from “me, Tonya”.

The same process faced by Hathaway passed on to Robbie.

After all, the Australian was better known for being Harley Quinn and praised for her beauty than for the performance itself – even though she participated very well in “the wolf of Wall Street” and “The big bet”.

By playing Tonya Harding, the out-of-the-box skater who sabotages a rival, she impresses audiences, critics and her peers, earning her first Oscar nomination.

However, how to compete with the Frances McDormand?

the star of “Three Ads for a Crime” dominated the division from end to end leaving no chance for heavyweight rivals who, in addition to Robbie, included Sally Hawkins, Meryl Streep and Saoirse Ronan.

The experience remains for the protagonist of “I, Tonya”.


Naomi Watts was one of the great actresses of world cinema when she was nominated for an Oscar for the first time with “21 Grams”.

The heavy hand of Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu allows the actress to deliver a strong performance from a woman marked by family losses and addicted to drugs.

In 2004, however, she didn’t stand a chance against Charlize Theron and her unforgettable visual transformation in “Monster”.

Sad is that Naomi Watts only came to be nominated nine years later with “The impossible”. Today, her career has taken a slight dip. I hope she gets back to the good times because she’s a great actress.


Fifth place goes to Felicity Huffman.

Known for “Desperate Housewives”, she shone in “Transamerica”, drawing critical acclaim.

However, it was no match for Reese Witherspoon’s strength with the success of “Johnny & June” in a typical Oscar-winning work.


'Elle': Paul Verhoeven's Feminism

Isabelle Huppert had a great awards season in 2017 with “she” going on to win the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama.

However, the Frenchwoman was no match for Emma Stone and the hype of “La La Land”.


Bronze medal time and I dedicate it to everyone who says I don’t like Meryl Streep.

Penelope Cruzfor “Volver”, Kate Winslet, for “Intimate Sins”, Judi Dench, for “Notes on a Scandal”…

The Best Actress category in 2007 was one of the heaviest in history.

At the center of it were two veterans: Helen Mirren and her solemn performance as Queen Elizabeth and Meryl Streep, acid and ironic in the great “The Devil Wears Prada”.

Anyone who emerged victorious would have earned it, but I can’t deny a certain sadness that I don’t see Streep win for a role so far outside the curve of what the Academy usually recognizes.


The second place comes from the 2013 ceremony when Jennifer Lawrence, the great promise of Hollywood, won the Oscar for Best Actress for “The good side of life”.

Bad luck Emmanuele Riva, one of the greatest actresses of all time, in a touching partnership with Jean-Louis Trintignant in the sad “Love”.

There are those who compare this result and that of Emma Stone to the statuette of Gwyneth Paltrow on top of Fernanda Montenegro. Although I disagree, I don’t judge who makes this relationship.


Finally, it is impossible not to mention this result here.

Beautiful, friendly, with a smile the size of the world and talented in drama and especially comedy, Julia Roberts still didn’t have an Oscar in 2001.

The big chance for that to change came with “Erin Brockvich”, a feature directed by the director of the moment, Steven Soderbergh, based on a true story with feminist touches, heavy investment by Harvey Weinstein and with the star dosing comedy and drama the way he liked.

It would all be beautiful if it didn’t have Ellen Burstyn, simply magnificent in “Requiem for a Dream” as a woman who loses control of her life with drug addiction.

It’s that typical Oscar predictable defeat, but it pretty much sums up what the Academy and the race in an awards season are all about.

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