5G advances and June will have great news in much of Brazil

Check out the list of regions that will receive 5G soon!

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Sixteen Brazilian capitals are prepared for 5G technology. The deadline for companies that won frequency bands in the auction to activate the signal in these regions is until September this year.

Cities that will get 5G soon

These are cities in the North, South, Northeast, Southeast and Midwest that already have the technological and bureaucratic part organized for the implementation of the new digital tool, complying with the General Law of Antennas. See the list below.

  • Boa Vista (RR);
  • Brasilia DF);
  • Campo Grande, MS);
  • Curitiba (PR);
  • Florianopolis (SC);
  • Fortaleza (CE);
  • Manaus (AM);
  • Natal, RN);
  • Porto Alegre (RS);
  • Porto Velho (RO);
  • Rio de Janeiro – RJ);
  • Sao Paulo-SP);
  • Recife PE);
  • São Luís (MA);
  • Teresina (PI);
  • Vitória (ES);

Standard required for the arrival of 5G in Brazil

Regions that have not yet followed the standard required by legislation will be able to rely on Bill 8518/2017.

The matter, which has already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and is awaiting analysis by the Senate, provides for authorization for the installation of telecommunications infrastructure when the competent body (city halls) does not express itself within 60 days on requests and permissions.

In this way, the operator that does not send a request to the city hall asking for permission to install antennas and does not have a response within 60 days can do the procedure anyway.

5G in Brazil: antenna installation is different

Because it is an advanced technology, the installation of antennas for 5G is different, nothing like those used today. The number of devices for the emission of electromagnetic waves can be 10 times greater than what is currently available.

In Decree nº 10.480/2020, it is possible to find details on the issuance of licenses for companies to carry out the installations of the networks. In addition, all Brazilian capitals are expected to be ready for the launch of 5G by July 31, 2022.

The adaptation of the municipalities to the General Law of Antennas is necessary for the transformation. Article 1 determines general rules applicable to the process of licensing, installing and sharing telecommunications infrastructure. The deadline for the process is until 2029.

Joining 5G

Adherence to 5G will only be possible when the technology is active in the country. Therefore, the goal of the Ministry of Communications is to serve the entire Brazilian population with an infrastructure that supports the volume of data that will be propagated.

Municipalities with a number equal to or greater than 500 thousand inhabitants will be served by July 2025. Cities with a number equal to or greater than 30 thousand inhabitants will be served by 50% by July 2028.

For municipalities with a population of less than 30 thousand inhabitants, the goal of the Ministry of Communications is to serve users in the region by December 2029.

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Image: Marko Aliaksandr / Shutterstock.com

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