Amber Heard scenes in ‘Aquaman 2’ will be completely deleted, says Warner exec

Amber Heard’s life was already complicated and will get even more so after being defeated in court by Johnny Depp. According to a publication made this Friday (3) by an executive producer at Warner, all scenes of the actress will be removed from Aquaman 2. Warner has yet to make an official statement on the matter.

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In the post, the studio executive writes: “All Amber Heard scenes in #Aquaman 2 will be completely deleted.” Amber plays Mera, girlfriend of the aquatic superhero from DC Comics and has already appeared in the first feature. The actress said during the trial that her role in Aquaman’s second adventure had been greatly reduced because of her dispute with Depp, but that the character still remained in the story. Well, now everything has changed, as you can see from the screenshot below.

Aquaman 2 is already fully filmed and is scheduled for release in 2023, again with Jason Momoa in the lead role. A few weeks ago, the information circulated that Amber would even be removed from the production and that the studio would be considering hiring Paris Hilton as a replacement, but it was nothing more than a rumor. It remains to be seen whether there will be new footage to include Mera with a new actress, or if the character will simply not appear in the final version. Remembering that Mera is also in the Justice League feature, released in 2017.

Amber Heard was defeated by Johnny Depp in the trial that had the jury’s verdict released on Wednesday (1st). She was convicted of defaming the actor she was married to for a year and a half. Depp was also convicted of the same crime, but received a lesser sentence and was deemed the winner. Ultimately, Heard will have to pay the actor $8 million. She announced that she will appeal the decision and also that she does not have that amount to pay.

Meanwhile, Depp has already announced that he intends to resume his career and that, with the victory in Justice, he “gained his life back”. The actor even made an appearance in a concert by guitarist Jeff Beck. But in the movies, Johnny doesn’t have an easy life either. Disney has already said that he will not return in the next movie. Pirates of the Caribbean like Jack Sparrow. Depp was also asked to withdraw from the film series. fantastic beasts. He participated in the first two features of this series linked to Harry Potter, but was left out of the third, released this year.

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