are worth R$47 on the Dark Web

The most valuable data are passports and accounts linked to cryptocurrencies (Credit: Agência Brasil)

Classified as one of the cheapest data on the Dark Web, the personal information of Brazilians is sold for R$ 47 a unit of ID number, for example. For citizens of Australia or France, the amounts can reach R$ 1,740.

According to a survey by NordVPN, a company specializing in cybersecurity, released by Estadão, more than 720,000 information leaked from Brazilians has already been commercialized. The country is one of the most “undervalued” in the data market since information from Brazilians is in abundance on these sites.

+ Bradesco Financiamentos leak may have exposed data from 53 thousand customers

The most valuable data are passports and cryptocurrency-linked accounts. In Lithuania, for example, a real passport can cost more than BRL 18,500, while in Argentina, the same document costs around BRL 43.

In total, the personal data sold on the internet already total more than R$ 88 million. The study states that there are more than 30,000 websites specializing in the sale of personal data. On these sites, the content known to cybersecurity companies would be approximately 4% only, according to a study estimate.

Among the most found data are card information, personal identity data and driver’s license, says Jonas Schuler, director of NordVPN in Brazil. Also, passports, phone numbers, online accounts such as Uber and Netflix, bank account logins and cryptocurrency accounts are other examples of available information.

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