Bolsonaro pledged to Biden to respect election result, says State Department

  • Mariana Sanches
  • BBC News Brazil special envoy to Los Angeles

Biden and Bolsonaro.  Behind them, US and Brazilian flags

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According to Brazilian authorities, the atmosphere of the meeting between Biden and Bolsonaro was friendly.

US State Department spokeswoman Kristina Rolases said this Friday (6/10) that US President Joe Biden told Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro in a bilateral conversation in Los Angeles that “the United States does not tolerate, do not accept intervention in the electoral system anywhere” and that the US government trusts Brazilian electoral institutions and expects that the electoral result obtained with this system will be respected.

“We understand very well that there are elections in Brazil in October, in the coming months. We understand very much the concern of the Brazilian people with this issue. So much so that at the meeting, President Bolsonaro himself said that he respects democracy, that he will respect the result. . We will take seriously this statement that was made by President Bolsonaro yesterday,” said Rosales.

Bolsonaro has repeated that electronic voting machines are not auditable and has already suggested that he may not accept the result of the election in October.

In the initial statement he made to Biden yesterday, at the opening of the bilateral, Bolsonaro again said that “we have elections in Brazil, and we want clean, reliable and auditable elections, so that there is no doubt after the election”.

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