Bulletin of the coup (8) – Bolsonaro, the general and the cry of the losers

To free Deputy Daniel Silveira (PTB-RJ) from jail, convicted and impeached by the Federal Supreme Court for attacks on democracy, Bolsonaro claimed, among other reasons, that society was “in legitimate commotion”.

He was in no state of commotion. Apart from the bolsonaristas who ask for the return of the dictatorship with the excuse that they exercise the right to free expression, no one else cared about Silveira’s condemnation. He will not be arrested, but impeached and ineligible.

Now comes General Paulo Sérgio, Defense Minister, and says in a note that the Armed Forces feel discredited by the Electoral Justice that does not take into account their guesses to improve the electronic vote counting system. False claim.

Submitted before the examination by Bolsonaro who commissioned it, the note says at one point:

“All of us are not interested in concluding the election under the shadow of voter distrust. Transparent elections are matters of national sovereignty and respect for voters.”

After being elected president, Bolsonaro began to preach the return of the printed vote. He went so far as to say that the 2018 elections were rigged to prevent his victory in the first round. Evidences? None. But he dispenses evidence to say what he wants.

Did you present any in defense of the effectiveness of chloroquine against the virus? How many thousands of people did not die because they believed his word? He uses lies to govern and the deeper he sinks, the more he lies without a shred of shame.

Discrediting the electronic vote by which he was elected federal deputy and, finally, president, is part of the strategy of building a way out of the defeat that lies ahead. Either he’ll say he’s been robbed and go home, or he’ll try to scam.

To President Joe Biden, with whom he met at the Democracy Summit, a strange subject for a self-confessed orphan of the military dictatorship as he is, Bolsonaro said he wants to stay or leave through clean and auditable elections. They will be auditable, as required by law.

But what if he judges that they weren’t clean? Will he call on military men who support him, militias armed with his help, gun collectors to stay where he is? Biden told him, this time directly, that the United States will not support a coup.

As he does not speak English, a courier translated Biden’s speech for Bolsonaro. Later, a US State Department spokesperson repeated the message. It’s the same thing he’s heard from ambassadors from European Community countries.

Three out of four voters (73%) trust electronic voting machines used in elections; of these, 42% trust a lot and 31% trust a little. A quarter (24%) do not trust electronic voting machines and 2% have no opinion in the most recent Datafolha survey.

Compared to the last survey, in March, the rate of those who trust electronic voting machines (82%) dropped eight percentage points (this is the first time that the index drops), while the rate of those who do not trust it increased seven percentage points.

The trust index in electronic voting machines is the majority in all sociodemographic variables and reaches the highest rates among the most educated (79%), among Lula voters (82%) and among those who disapprove of the Bolsonaro government (83%).

The distrust rate is highest among businessmen (38%), among evangelicals (31%), among Bolsonaro voters (40%) and among those who approve of the Bolsonaro government (43%). It is the Bolsonaro effect that the Electoral Justice fights with unarmed forces.

No one is prohibited from suggesting changes to make the electronic vote counting process even more secure, even though it has never registered a single case of fraud. But it is only up to the Justice to protect the process. The rest is a loser’s cry.

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