Check out 8 electronic accessories that will transform your home office

Having a good service experience while you catch up on all your tasks is essential. Choosing the right product makes your chores less tiring. There are many options on the market, so thinking about the quality of these items should be an important factor when deciding which one to buy.

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Acquiring electronic devices to improve your performance is investing in your career. A good professional works with the best resources and knows how much this influences delivery. Streamline your activities and prioritize your health and how beneficial this attitude will be for your well-being.

The items that can’t be missed for your home office to be more comfortable

Wireless mouse

The T-TGWM100 Body Dagger model has great battery life that runs on AA batteries and has USB connectivity. It can be found from R$76.68 and helps to have more mobility, promoting comfort to the wrist.


The Interbras CAM-720p has a flexible support clip, excellent 720p resolution, in addition to being well adaptable to notebooks and computers. Even if your device has a camera, the webcam guarantees a clear image and audio capture. The values ​​are approximately R$149.00.


The ear cups with malleable ear cups are sure to make life easier for anyone who has numerous meetings or enjoys listening to music while working. JBL’s Quantum 300 is around R$300.00 and has a 1.2 meter cable, 45 degree rotation, reaches 7.1 audio and works with P2 input.

smart speaker

Amazon’s 4th generation Echo Dot works with the Alexa system, with Smart Speaker stimuli. It can connect with other devices and control them by voice, as well as its functions to set an alarm, play music and read the news. The model currently costs R$379.00.

Smart luminaire

Elsys features RGB format and accepts voice command by Alexa with intelligent brightness, which makes the brightness comfortable for the eyes and changes the light temperature. The average value is usually R$459.00.

Keyboard with wrist rest

The Mars HyperX mechanical keyboard has USB connectivity, dustproof aluminum and LED that make the keys colorful. High resistance, its price is R$499.00.


To keep your posture aligned, the Moobx Nitro has ergonomic pads, adjustment levers and tilt up to 180 degrees. Its approximate value is R$999.00.

curved monitor

The C27G2ZE AOC 27 inch monitor measures 61 cm, designed for those who spend hours in front of the computer and need to visualize a lot of information at the same time. The screen has a high resolution in Full HD and can be found for R$1829.00.

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