Check out six movie tips for Valentine’s Day

The date, celebrated on Sunday (12), cannot go blank. So, nothing better than sharing popcorn and guarana with your loved one

By Patricia Scott

Next Sunday (12), it’s Valentine’s Day. So, nothing better than enjoying the company of the loved one to enjoy a movie, even if it’s on the couch at home. So, prepare the guarana and the popcorn bucket to celebrate the love for two with the tips separated by Communion.

As Long as We’re Together (2020)

It is the true story of Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa), famous Grammy-nominated Christian rock singer. The work focuses on how faith in Christ was essential for the artist to overcome the pains of life, especially when his wife Melissa (Britt Robertson) discovers that she has a serious illness.

The Lost Husband (2020)

Libby Moran (Leslie Bibb) abruptly loses her husband. She decides to run away from the big city where she lives. With her children, she moves to an aunt’s farm in Texas, transforming her lifestyle. Upon meeting James O’Connor (Josh Duhamel), a local farmer, she begins to see life with a new perspective.

In the Ballad of Love (2020)

Jimmy is a young Christian widower who does everything for his daughters. Faith overcomes the end of a troubled relationship and still struggles to keep her dance school open. An unexpected meeting and a dance contest will bring them together. For the first time, they will find someone with the same rhythm.

Interview With God (2018)

Paul (Brenton Thwaites) is an ambitious journalist seeking professional success through some great story. After an extensive search, he bumps into a man who can give him the best interview of his life: he claims to be God and promises to answer any of Paul’s questions in a single conversation.

Forever (2016)

Michael (Stephen Anthony Bailey) and Michelle Boyum (Madison Lawlor) are newlyweds full of hope to build a future together. In a split second, however, all plans go awry as Michael finds himself struggling with a rare form of leukemia. Now the two will have their love and faith tested in the struggle to overcome.

Old Fashioned (2015)

During a meeting with the young Amber at work, Clay sees the possibility of a new love. In enyanto, he needs to follow biblical principles to honor God’s life change. The romantic comedy he tries to answer: is it possible to have an old-fashioned love these days?

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