Delay in European passport for Vini Jr. could be a problem for Real

The delay in obtaining Vinicius Junior’s European passport could directly affect Real Madrid’s plans in the transfer window. That’s because, the LaLiga regulation allows teams to have only three extra-EU players, that is, players from America, Asia or Europeans outside the European Union (United Kingdom, for example). In the case of Real, these vacancies are being filled by Eder Militão, Rodrygo and Vini Jr. The information is from the Spanish newspaper As.

Because of the rule, there is no room for a possible return of Japanese Kubo and Brazilian Reinier, on loan from Mallorca and Dortmund, respectively. Real also cannot think of hiring any foreigners, such as Gabriel Jesus or the British Sterling, who have already been speculated at the club.

Vinicius Jr. arrived in Spain in 2018. According to the regulations, he would be able to receive the document after living in the country for two years. But the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the processes with the government. According to As, the player and the club have already delivered all the necessary documentation a long time ago, but the ok from the government has not yet come.

The newspaper reported that all nationalization processes in the Justice Ministry’s queue have slowed down since last March. There are numerous requests in the queue, including Vinícius Jr. The folder assured the newspaper that the traffic jam has been decreasing in recent weeks.

Other Brazilians in the queue

Eder Militão and Rodrygo arrived in the 2019 season and are also ready to obtain a Spanish passport. But if Vinicius’ resolution, sent much earlier, has not yet arrived, the club understands that theirs will still take some time. At this moment, the priority is to receive the documentation from Vinícius to open a vacancy for at least one more non-community player.

In the case of Ranier, who is living in Germany, the process would also have to start practically from scratch.

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