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The dollar closed higher this Friday (10), after data released by the United States Department of Commerce showed that inflation abroad reached 8.6% in the accumulated in 12 months, which should make interest rates so go up higher.

The US currency rose 1.44% to R$4.9871. At the maximum of the day, it reached R$ 5.0117. See more quotes.

On Thursday, the dollar closed up 0.55%, at R$4.9162. With today’s result, it started to accumulate a high of 4.96% in the month. In the year, it has a devaluation of 10.54% in the year against the real.

Understand what makes the dollar go up or down

Understand what makes the dollar go up or down

What is messing with the markets?

In the indicator agenda, the IBGE earlier released the performance of trade in April, which showed a rise of 0.9%, in the fourth consecutive month of gains.

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In the political scenario, the focus remains on the discussions on the proposal presented by the government to try to lower fuel prices, amid concerns about the fiscal impacts of the measure and doubts about the reversal of the high prices of gasoline and diesel at the pumps in the face of a scenario of rising international oil prices and more pressured exchange rates.

Abroad, the US Department of Commerce reported that inflation reached 8.6% in the 12 months through May – the highest rate in 40 years, indicating greater pressure for higher interest rates abroad.

investors continue to monitor clues about the magnitude of interest rate hikes in major economies as they try to tame rising inflation.

On Thursday, the European Central Bank signaled that next month it will make its first rate hike since 2011, followed by a potentially bigger move in September.

IPCA: inflation stays at 0.47% in May and slows to 11.73% in 12 months

IPCA: inflation stays at 0.47% in May and slows to 11.73% in 12 months

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