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From Santos in 2015 to Ceará in 2022, passing through Flamengo in 2018, the coach commanded many players of the current red-black squad. Check out Dorival Júnior’s recent career figures and some well-known players:

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Santos – July 2015 to June 2017

The work at Santos was the most enduring of Dorival Júnior’s career. It was 23 months in the position of technician, a title in the Campeonato Paulista in 2016, in addition to the vices of the Brazilian and the Copa do Brasil in the same year.

In 127 games in charge of Peixe, there were 74 victories, 26 draws and 27 defeats, with a 65% success rate.

Dorival Júnior and the young Gabriel Barbosa, still in the days of Santos — Photo: Ricardo Saibun / Santos FC

The curiosity is that, during this period, Dorival Júnior worked with many players who are in the current squad of Flamengo. Gabigol, Bruno Henrique, Gustavo Henrique and Thiago Maia passed through his hands at Santos. Gabrielincluding, was the vice-top scorer of Santos in the periodwith 29 goals in 58 matches, an average of 0.5 goals per game, in addition to having provided eight assists.

Santos highlights under the command of Dorival Júnior

Gunner goals waiters assistance Athletes with + games Games
Ricardo Oliveira 43 Lucas Lima 15 Vanderlei 112
Gabriel 29 Victor Ferraz 11 Victor Ferraz 106
Vitor Bueno 21 Vitor Bueno 9 Renato 106
coat 15 Ricardo Oliveira 8 Thiago Maia 103
Lucas Lima 11 Gabriel 8 Zeca 100

São Paulo – July 2017 to March 2018

Two months after being fired from Santos, Dorival Júnior took over São Paulo to replace Rogério Ceni. In a scenario of fighting the Z-4, Dorival participated in the team’s sprint in the final stretch of the 2017 Brazilian and avoided the team’s relegation.

In 40 games as coach of Tricolor Paulista, there were 17 victories, 11 draws and 12 defeats, an advantage of 52%.

Dorival coached Rodrigo Caio at São Paulo — Photo: Rubens Chiri/

In the period, another Flamengo player stood out. Rodrigo Caio was the athlete with the most matches for São Paulo under the command of Dorival, playing 37 of the 40 possible matches. The main player in the period was Hernanes, with nine goals and two assists in 19 games.

São Paulo highlights under the command of Dorival Júnior

Gunner goals Waiter assistance Athlete with + matches Games
hernanes 9 Cueva 8 Rodrigo Caio 37
Marcos Guilherme 7 Marcos Guilherme 3 Marcos Guilherme 36
Cueva 6 Lucas Pratto 3 petros 35
Lucas Pratto 4 hernanes 3 Jucilei 32
Brenner 3 Eder Militão 3 Cueva 31

Flamengo – September 2018 to December 2018

After being fired at São Paulo during the Campeonato Paulista, Dorival Júnior took over Flamengo in the last 12 games of the Brazilian Championship in 2018. The objective was to be champion, but the red-blacks stayed with the runner-up.

In this final stretch, there were seven wins, three draws and two defeats, a 67% advantage in the 12 games he worked on. In two months, Dorival left good impressions. However, after Rodolfo Landim’s election, the coach did not have his contract renewed and left the club.

in the period, Everton Ribeiro and Vitinhowho are still in the squad, played all the matches and had good numbers. Vitinho was the leader in assists, with five and, as brookscored two goals. William Arãoas with other Flamengo coaches, also had confidence, and only did not play in a match.

Dorival Junior guides Vitinho: coach helped regain confidence in shirt 14 — Photo: Gilvan de Souza

Flamengo highlights under the command of Dorival Júnior

Gunner goals Waiter assistance Player matches
Uribe 5 Vitinho 5 Caesar 12
Lucas Paquetá 3 René two Vitinho 12
Vitinho two scream two Everton Ribeiro 12
Everton Ribeiro two Diego 1 For 11
Henrique Dourado two Uribe 1 William Arão 11

Athletico-PR – December 2019 to August 2020

After a year without taking over a team dedicated to the treatment of prostate cancer, Dorival Júnior signed with Athletico-PR to lead the team in the 2020 season.

In 18 games with the team, there were nine wins, three draws and six defeats. The coach fell after four straight defeats in the Brazilian Championship. In the eight months at Athletico-PR, he was state champion and vice-president in the Brazilian Supercup for the Flamengo.

Dorival Junior Athletico — Photo: Athletico

Dorival trained saints, goalkeeper who is currently at Flamengo. He played in 13 of the 18 matches with the coach in charge. Bissoli was the top scorer in the period, with seven goals in 12 games.

Highlights of Athletico-PR under the command of Dorival Júnior

Gunners goals waiters assistance Player matches
Bissoli 7 Marquinhos Gabriel 4 Leo Cittadini 16
Nikon 6 Nikon two Wellington 16
Leo Cittadini 3 Hadrian two Marquinhos Gabriel 16
Carlos Eduardo two Leo Cittadini two Nikon 14
Lucas Halter two Vitinho 1 Vitinho 13

Ceará – March 2022 to June 2022

The most recent job was that of Ceará, which ended this Thursday, after Flamengo’s proposal. He classified Vozão in the Sudamericana for the round of 16, beating Independiente, from Argentina, at home and abroad, and the team had a positive sequence in the season, with nine games without losing.

Dorival Júnior for Ceará against Flamengo — Photo: Thiago Gadelha/SVM

In Ceará, there were 18 matches, as well as in Athletico-PR. The performance was positive: 11 victories, four draws and three defeats, with 69% of the points conquered. The team had the best campaign in the South American Championship, with 100% success, the best attack and the best defense of the competition. The team averaged nearly three goals per game and conceded just one in six matches.

Highlights of Ceará under the command of Dorival Júnior

Gunners goals waiters assistance Player matches
Mendoza 11 Iury Castilho 3 Mendoza 16
come 4 Richard Coelho two Nino Paraíba 16
Cleber 4 lime two João Ricardo 16
lime 3 Erick two lime 15
Erick two Rodrigo Lindoso two Rodrigo Lindoso 15

Now, Dorival Júnior takes over Flamengo for the third time. The first was in 2012, when it stayed from July to March of the following year. There were 36 games, 15 wins, 11 draws and 10 losses, with a 51% success rate.

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