Fluminense vs Atlético-GO LIVE (0-2) | 06/11/2022

20:25 3 minutes ago

17′ Substitutions at Atlético-GO

20:234 minutes ago


Caio Paulista pedals three times in front of Hayner and crosses from the baseline. Wellington Mouse arrives to block

20:18 10 minutes ago


Barrel is launched well in front of the mark. He comes face to face with Ronaldo and sends him out. The assistant delayed and signaled the offside

20:13 15 minutes ago


Hayner plays for Jorginho. Shirt 10 hits the first time, but catches the ball badly, facilitating the defense of the tricolor goalkeeper

20:10 17 minutes ago


Marlon Freitas looks for Churín in the area. He exaggerates the force and Fábio takes possession

20:08 20 minutes ago


restart the game

20:08 20 minutes ago

Substitutions in Fluminense

20:07 21 minutes ago

Atletico GO Substitution

7:56pm 31 minutes ago


19:50 37 minutes ago


first half ends

19:50 37 minutes ago

48′ Atletico-GO yellow card

Decks, for lack of Luiz Henrique

19:49 38 minutes ago


Marlon Freitas gives a beautiful pass to Wellington Mouse. Shirt 7 dominates in speed, invades the area and kicks on Fábio’s exit

19:48 39 minutes ago


Luiz Henrique looks for Cano in the area. The defense takes it anyway

19:47 40 minutes ago


Luiz Fernando sets up a counterattack, stretches Wellington Rato. The attacker charges, plays through a cavadinha on Fábio’s exit, but the goalkeeper makes a beautiful save and avoids the goal

19:46 41 minutes ago


Churín is launched on the attack. The defense doesn’t cut straight, the ball stays with Jeffersonwhich covers the goalkeeper

19:36 an hour ago

31′ Substitution in Fluminense

19:36 an hour ago


Jorginho takes advantage of the defense’s rebound and releases his foot. Fábio claps for the bottom line

19:29 an hour ago


Wellington Rato advances through the middle, stamps the mark by taking a risk outside the area. The ball goes back to him, who stamps the post

19:25 an hour ago

20′ Red card for Fluminense

Churín advances in fast counterattack. David Braz, last scorer, made the foul in a clear shot on goal. The judge applied direct red

19:19 an hour ago


Luiz Henrique arrives at the bottom line, crossing low. Cano appears without any marking in the small area, but doesn’t catch it right and the ball goes close to the post

19:15 an hour ago


Hayner receives in speed from Wellington Rato, invades the area and kicks cross. Fábio saves with one hand

19:10 an hour ago


Samuel Xavier raises as far as the second beam. Cano comes in full, but Hayner gets ahead and cuts through the back line.

19:09 an hour ago


Manoel tables with Samuel Xavier and searches for Cano in the area. The attacker climbs, but cannot reach

19:07 an hour ago

3′ HU

Arias crosses from the bottom line. Cris Silva appears on the second post, amends and swings the net from the outside

19:05 an hour ago

1′ Yellow card for Atlético-GO

Hayner, for lack of Cris Silva

19:02 an hour ago


Rolling ball

18:59 an hour ago


Players profiled for the National Anthem

18:59 an hour ago


teams in the field

18:382 hours ago

red-black bank

18:372 hours ago

Atletico-GO lined up

Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson Felipe, Ramon and Jefferson; Marlon Freitas, Gabriel Baralhas and Jorginho; Wellington Rato, Churin and Luiz Fernando

18:312 hours ago

tricolor bench

Marcos Felipe, Muriel Luccas Claro, Nonato, Nathan, Alexandre Jesus, Yago Felipe, John Kennedy, Calegari, Martinelli, Felipe Melo and Caio Paulista

18:302 hours ago

Fluminense climbed

Fabio; Samuel Xavier, Manoel, David Braz and Cris Silva; Wellington, André and Arias; Luiz Henrique, Willian Mustache and Cano

18:11 2 hours ago

Keeping an eye on the card: Atlético-GO

Jorginho and Edson Fernando

18:10 2 hours ago

Keeping an eye on the card: Fluminense

Arias, David Braz, Yago, John Kennedy and Manoel

18:05 2 hours ago

video refereeing

18:00 2 hours ago

field refereeing

17:553 hours ago

When is the Fluminense vs Atlético-GO game and how to follow LIVE?

17:503 hours ago

How and where to watch Fluminense vs Atlético-GO live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between Fluminense vs Atletico GO live will be broadcast by Premiere.

17:453 hours ago

Atletico GO likely lineup

Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson Felipe, Ramon and Jefferson; Marlon Freitas, Gabriel Baralhas and Jorginho; Shaylon, Wellington Rato and Airton (Churín).

17:353 hours ago

Dragon’s Situation

17:303 hours ago

Possible lineup for Fluminense

Fabio; Samuel Xavier; Manoel (Nino), David Braz and Cris Silva; Wellington, André and Nathan (Willian Mustache); Luiz Henrique, Arias and Cano.

17:203 hours ago

Flu status

Paulo Henrique Ganso turned low after taking the third yellow card. Fernando Diniz there’s still the medical department crew: Fred, Luan Freitas and Pineida. Matheus Martins, on the other hand, was called up by the U-20 National Team. On the other hand, Nino returned to training and is available to the coach.

17:153 hours ago

Rubro-Negro Sequence

17:10 3 hours ago

How does the Tricolor come?

17:05 3 hours ago

Encounter of opposites

17:00 3 hours ago


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