Friends: Jennifer Aniston reveals unusual detail about the special appearances in the series: “They were terrified”


In Friends, Jennifer Aniston played the iconic waitress, Rachel Green

Jennifer Anistou revealed a secret about the special guests of "friends"
© Reproduction/Instagram@jenniferanistonJennifer Anistou Revealed Secret About ‘Friends’ Special Guests

Jennifer Aniston is an American television icon and much of the actress’ success stems from her role as Rachel Greenin “Friends”. The production is one of the biggest worldwide successes of Warner Bros. and to this day is remembered with great affection by fans. Mainly because of the special appearances, which were a tradition in the series.

Among the actors who were invited to make ends of the show are: Paul RuddBrad Pitt, Robin Williams and Julia Roberts. However, Jennifer recently revealed that actors coming to the production set for the first time were simply shocked by the audience. In Anniston’s view, no one was prepared to perform for a “Friends”-level audience.

“All the actors who were movie actors and came on our show were terrified,” the actress said in replying. sebastian stan in the new special ofActors on Actors”. “It was like, ‘Who are these people laughing at what I’m saying?’

“I Think The Morning Show it feels like you’re shooting a movie, even though you’re renting a lot more properties per day. Dialogue for me, I took it every Sunday and hammered it all week with my acting coach. We would spend three hours, sometimes four, just reviewing each scene so I was comfortable.”

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